La Jollan repeats photo-a-day project in 2015


Inspired by a photo project she completed in 2014, La Jolla resident Sandie Linn embarked on another such project in 2015. With the start of this month — and a new year — she can officially say that each day in 2015, she took a photo to match a theme.

Every day in 2014, Linn snapped an image at La Jolla Hermosa Park and subsequently created a video collage she posted on for all to see. Similarly, she decided to spend each day of last year taking photos of bicycles and bicyclists, and also created a video collage for YouTube.

“After the La Jolla Hermosa Park photo project, I kept carrying my camera whenever I would go on a walk or run. I liked the positive feeling of it and each run gave me something to look forward to,” Linn said. “When I decided to do a photo-a-day project again, it gave me a sense of intrigue since I didn’t know what the theme was to be yet; I didn’t know what I would shoot each day.”

But wherever she went, Linn said she saw bicycles or bicyclists. When riders would take a break, Linn said she could take time and stage a shot.

“When I first started, I had to adjust because cyclists are moving and I didn’t want a blur. I would wait until they parked their bikes, or would shoot their backs after they passed. But then I thought it would get boring to only shoot backs, so I worked at shooting their faces. When I decided to start photographing faces, I felt very bold. But more often than not, I got smiles, a wave or a thumbs up. Some would stop and ask my why I was taking their picture. I got to know these people as a result.”

But the theme of bicycling ended up meaning more to her than she predicted. “My husband, who was an avid runner and ran nine marathons, had to have hip surgery. His doctors said after the surgery, the only running he would be doing is for his life. I didn’t know how he would adjust,” she said. “But he said he still had a body and legs that work, so he tried bicycling. He inspired me.”

Further, as her husband got stronger, the pair decided to take a trip to France and Italy in September. “I didn’t know how he would do, given that everyone walks everywhere in Europe. We ‘trained’ by doing weekly walks around San Diego, and I got to take some photos on our walks,” she said.

When they arrived in Provence, Linn was able to continue her project and take photos of the scores of Parisians on two wheels. “It was so fun and I was so glad I picked a theme I could continue overseas,” she said.

All told, she took more than 1,700 pictures, but had to narrow the selection for her video collage.

Each slide of the four-minute video has a theme of its own, such as people waving, groups, riders in racing wear, children and backpacks. “One of my favorites is of a man riding with a Chihuahua in his backpack, and they both have sunglasses on!” she said. Each slide also contains at least one picture from Europe.

Looking ahead to this year, Linn said she will repeat the project, but was coy about the 2016 theme. “I have a few ideas and am waiting to see which one pans out,” she said. “I see a picture everywhere I go. That’s why photography interests me. Having these projects and discovering the themes has been a lot of fun. I get so much out of it because it opens up a world for me that I’m not a part of.”

ON THE WEB: Watch Sandie Linn’s video at and search for “Bicycles and Bicyclists in San Diego, France and Italy.”