La Jolla yoga studio hosts dog-friendly benefit

Nelly Chu does a twisted triangle, with Peony keeping her company.
(Ashley Mackin)

Who better to practice classic yoga poses like upward facing dog and downward facing dog than their four-legged namesakes? During a fundraiser for Canine Companions for Independence at YogaSmoga studio at La Plaza La Jolla Aug. 24, yogis and their dogs were invited to take a pup-friendly class.

While humans can do hand-stands, instructor Marjorie Nass helps Dempsey do a paw-stand.
(Ashley Mackin)

Modifying some poses to incorporate holding small dogs, or adjusting a stance to make room for larger ones, instructor Marjorie Nass offered suggestions on how to do yoga at home with your dog with the help of her dog, Dempsey.

So much for a resting pose! Lulu licks Chris Amann during a slower pose.
(Ashley Mackin)
Around 10 yogis, many with dogs, take a class at YogaSmoga in La Plaza La Jolla.
(Ashley Mackin)

YogaSmoga is at 7863 Girard Ave.