Bylaw changes ahead for La Jolla Shores Association

A quorum needed for an official meeting of the La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) was not met at the group’s Dec. 9 meeting, but the informal discussion held in place of the meeting touched on the association’s upcoming election of trustees, and the changes that could be in store for its bylaws.

During LJSA’s last election cycle, the lack of a tiebreaker procedure in the group’s bylaws resulted in some confusion and a procedure that although not officially sanctioned by the association’s rules, decided in favor of trustee Shahar Compton in an election for a vacated seat. In the proposed bylaw changes, a new section within the Nominations and Elections articles would try to avoid a repeat of the issue, trustee Tim Lucas and LJSA Chair Nick LeBeouf said.

As proposed, the amendment would provide that an instant tiebreaker would be applied during the same meeting at which an election is held. Should the tie involve two candidates, a coin toss would be the deciding factor, with the LJSA chair deciding who is assigned heads or tails in the event of neither candidate being present to choose a side. If the election resulted in more than two candidates being tied for one or more of the available open seats, the board would decide what sort of instant tiebreaker should be used, including but not limited to the possibility of a three-way coin toss or the drawing of lots.

Up to four trustee seats on the 16-seat board will be up for grabs with no incumbent in the upcoming election, scheduled for LJSA’s March 2016 meeting, while five other trustees will be up for re-election.

Compton and fellow trustees Terry Kraszewski, Susan Tschirn, Jenny Feinberg and Tim Lucas are all up for possible re-election, should they declare their candidacies by the nominations deadline at LJSA’s planned Feb. 10 meeting. Lucas, who said he’s in the process of potentially selling his La Jolla Shores property, would be ineligible to run should a sale of the property go through, as he is not a full-time Shores resident. Trustees Janie Emerson, John Kassar and Pam Boynton will be termed out at the end of their current terms, making their three seats, along with that previously held by Christian Malecot — who has resigned his post — the four set to be vacant with no incumbent.

They would be joined by Lucas’ seat in the event Lucas becomes ineligible to run.

Any La Jolla Shores resident or property owner, as well as any designated operator of a La Jolla Shores business, is eligible to run in the election. Trustees on the association’s board are allowed two full terms of two years each.

The potential change in LJSA bylaws is expected to be decided upon before the election, at LJSA’s next meeting, planned for Jan. 13 at the Martin Johnson House at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Options for a potential fiscal sponsorship agreement between LJSA and a partnering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization are also expected to be discussed at the January meeting. That proposal, which was last discussed by the association in October, could allow for LJSA to benefit from tax-deductible donations given to the partnering nonprofit, through an approved granting of funds from the nonprofit partner following its separate receipt of donations. Back in October, the nonprofit Mission Edge was discussed as a possible partnering nonprofit organization.