La Jolla Democratic Club to host Islamic speaker Sunday, Jan. 10


With the intent of providing an open and informative forum about Muslims and the religion of Islam, the La Jolla Democratic Club will host Imam Taha Hassane from the Islamic Center of San Diego, as the keynote speaker at its 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10, 2016 meeting in the Community Room of La Jolla Village Square, 8657 Villa La Jolla Drive, inside the mall next to the AMC Theatres box office.

“I just thought it would be great for our club to learn more,” said Derek Cassady, president of La Jolla Democratic Club. “How many people in La Jolla know a Muslim person? I know I don’t. There is so much misinformation out there, and people think they know about Islam and Muslims, but how much of that information came from a Muslim person?”

A thought Imam Hassane said he appreciates. “I value any opportunity to reach out to our neighbors, or any groups of fellow Americans, who are interested to learn about Islam and Muslims as an important portion of the American social fabric. Such presentations give people a chance to ask their questions and share their feelings with their Muslim neighbors,” said the director of public and interfaith relations via e-mail. “People who will attend will get the right information about the Islamic faith and Muslim community from its source. Also, they will be able to correct the many misconceptions that are spread in the media about Islam and Muslims.”

Chiefly, regarding the extremist acts carried out by “Islamic” terrorists. “Anyone who studies the Islamic faith understands that these acts of violence do not represent the Islamic teachings,” Hassane said. “Those extremists have to find a justification for their crimes, and the easiest way to do it is to turn into the sacred texts of the faith, twist them, take them out of context, and use them to justify their crimes. This is what the ignorant people do. Throughout history, there were many individuals and groups who committed crimes against humanity based on their ‘faith inspirations.’ ”

For his candor and willingness, Cassady said he was “so honored” the Imam will speak. “My hope is to have an interchange between the members of our club and the Islamic community … because there are so many misconceptions about the Quran (the Islam holy text) and their faith,” he said. “My goal is to have a program that might help some of us be more informed. And once our club members have this experience, they can share what they learned with others.”

The presentation is free and open to the public. For further details, call (858) 457-0246.