Fay Avenue Bike Path extension gets safety improvements in La Jolla


The Fay Avenue Bike Path extension was made a little bit safer last week, thanks to the efforts of residents Sally Miller and Stuart Gimber. At the June 15 La Jolla Traffic & Transportation (T&T) meeting, Miller reported that minor repairs were completed to make the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists more apparent.

“I just found out there are new signs showing there is a pedestrian/bicycle crosswalk ahead (at key intersections); on La Cañada, there is stenciling in the streets to let people know there is a crosswalk ahead; and the curbs have been painted bright red, which we requested so people would not park right in front,” she said. The team has been working since late last year to suggest safety improvements the city could implement, and hosted a walk with T&T chair Dave Abrams and traffic engineer Esmerelda White to point out the problems.

The team asked the city to start with fixes that would be quick, inexpensive and not require a permit, so those that were dependent on painting, repainting or signs were the first to be implemented. “I consider this a victory, and I’m glad it worked,” Miller said.

As soon as funding is available, the city will install textured curb ramps and bollards (short poles) to slow bicyclists as they exit the bike path. In some cases, the bike path exits or entrances are on either side of a street. East of, but parallel to La Jolla Boulevard, the bike path connects Nautilus Street to Camino de la Costa in Bird Rock.