Board seat opens on La Jolla Planning Association


A La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA) special election will be held during the 6 p.m. Thursday, July 7 meeting to fill a seat vacated by Jim Fitzgerald who left the board due to health reasons, it was announced during the May 5 meeting. LJCPA president Cindy Greatrex explained eligible candidates need to be members by the June 2016 meeting. They must submit a membership application and have attended three LJCPA meetings between July 2015 and June 2016.

Tasked with advising the City of San Diego on land use matters, specifically concerning adherence to the General Plan or a land use plan when it relates to the La Jolla Community Plan boundaries, LJCPA also advises on other land use matters as requested by the City or other governmental agency. They meet 6 p.m. first Thursdays at La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.

A candidate forum will be held at the June regular meeting, allowing each candidate to introduce themselves to the audience if they so choose. Voting will take place 3-7 p.m. July 7. Voting is in-person only, and requires a photo identification. The results will be announced as soon as they are verified.

At the May meeting, residents Bob Whitney and Claude-Anthony Marengo announced their interest in running for the two-year seat.

In other LJCPA news:

Water project announced: Representatives from the City of San Diego and contractor firms Orion and Humanability were on hand to explain Water Group Project 1010, which would start in the next few months to replace and upgrade water pipes in La Jolla. Affected streets include La Jolla Mesa Drive, La Jolla Rancho Road, Cottontail Lane, Germain Lane, La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Coral Way, Citadel Circle, Deer Hill Court and Box Canyon Road.

Orion spokesperson Jason Danks explained the project would replace 8,720 feet of water main, fire hydrants and some of the curb ramps on those streets. “Parking will be impacted due to equipment staging of dump trucks and tractors. We will move through in a phased approach, only taking up the area, as we need it. Our production rates are about 200-300 feet a day. If we are in front of your house, we shouldn’t be there long,” he said.

Added Paula Roberts with Humanability, “All City projects are preceded by a 30-day written notice by mail to all properties within 300 feet of the alignment and five days before construction, the crews will post door-hangers. No Parking signs will be posted 72 hours in advance of the no-parking situation.”

For more information on the project, visit and search District One projects. “AC Water Group 1010” is under the Project Name menu.

Mural discussion postponed: A conversation on the “Demos Gracias” mural that was positioned in La Jolla Shores against the Galaxy Taco restaurant building in early April, and whether its placement is allowed in that area, was postponed until the June LJCPA meeting. At a previous meeting, board member Janie Emerson said the response to the mural was not positive and residents were upset there was no outreach before its installation.

Emerson further reported that the La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee would take up the issue at the end of May with organizers behind the Murals of La Jolla public art program. The findings would be brought back to LJCPA.

Years ago, trustee Phil Merten said, LJCPA approved the concept of a murals program in La Jolla, but within the limits of the Village. Since the mural in question is in the Shores, it is not included in the LJCPA vote.

Two home-builds OK’ed: Slated for full review, the 311 Sea Ridge Drive and Zephyr Resident projects were presented and approved. The project at 311 Sea Ridge Drive includes the demolition of an existing single dwelling unit and construction of a 7,388 square-foot single dwelling unit. The Zephyr Residence at 921 Muirlands Drive includes the demolition of an existing residence for the construction of a new 7,388 square foot, two-story residence with attached garage and a 703 square foot guest house.

Three items scheduled for next meeting: Rather than being approved as part of the consent agenda, three items were pulled for full review at the board’s June meeting. They are the proposed installation of speed humps on West Muirlands Drive, the street closures affiliated with the So Fine on Kline street festival in December, and changes to allow sandwich boards (aka a-frame signs) in the public right-of-way.

For more information about LJCPA, visit