New Business Roundup: Three new fitness options opening in La Jolla

By the end of October, La Jollans will have more fitness support providers, when two new training facilities and a cryotherapy center open in the Village.

F45 La Jolla

With origins in Australia, and often run by current and former rugby players, F45 is considered a functional form of exercise designed to get the most results in the least amount of time. “F stands for Function and 45 is because there are 45-minute classes consisting of resistance and cardio-based training,” said co-owner Luke Hartelust. “There are 16 different workout formats, using different combinations of more than 3,000 exercises, so you never do the same workout twice.”

A grand opening is planned for Saturday, Oct. 8 with free classes in the morning, activities with health and fitness vendors, and an after-party. F45 will also offer free, two-week membership opportunities to those who attend.

Hartelust added the concept is for working individuals who want a short but effective workout, so they can be in and out within an hour, as opposed to the hour-long classes that also involve getting to the facility, changing, stretching, and then taking a post-workout shower, changing clothes and so on.

The end result, according to the owners, is building lean muscle and shedding fat through interval-based group circuit classes, and classes are manageable for all fitness levels. “It’s not about how much weight you lift, it’s all time-based,” explained co-owner Evan Tyrrell. “There are some exercises where you work for 45 seconds and then break for 15 seconds, and what you do in those 45 seconds (in terms of reps and weight) is up to you. People start noticing as they get stronger, that they can increase the reps or lift heavier weights.”

Manager Joe Hess added that expert personal trainers assist with proper form and keeping energy levels high.

F45 will be located at 7743 Fay Ave. and post updates on its Facebook page, found by searching “F45 training La Jolla” or they can be reached at

ZiFit Infrared Fitness

A sister business to Massage Dream at 7661 Girard Ave., ZiFit Infrared Fitness plans to open Oct. 14. Using infrared lighting, the ZiFit studio is heated to more than 80 degrees.

Owner Habib Abbas said the added heat promotes weight loss, detoxification and pain relief. “Your body is working to cool itself down, so you could sit down in there for an hour and burn 500 calories,” he said.

But for those who exercise in the studio, the ZiFit model is like a circuit class with different stations focusing on different types of exercises. Each class has a different theme or goal, so the exercises alternate to cater to the theme. Included in a standard workout is cardio exercises using machines and “power stations” with equipment such as battle ropes and dumbbells.

Participants are equipped with a heart rate monitor when they check in with the intent of reaching a certain heart-rate zone, and TV monitors show their heart rate, calories burned and more. Because the ZiFit studio is right next door to Green Massage, a membership to ZiFit includes unlimited access to saunas and a massage.

More details at

Chiltonic Cryotherapy

To help recover from all this exercise, Chiltonic Cryotherapy will open within La Jolla Sports Club by the end of this month. Matthew Bergman explained the therapy system is very similar to an ice bath, used by athletes and Olympians to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but dry.

“This system uses nitrogen vapor to recreate the effect of an ice bath,” he said. “Being in those temperatures, the receptors in your skin tell your brain you are in cold temperatures, so your body draws all the blood to you core to protect the vital organs. While the blood is circulating in the smaller loop, the blood becomes oxygenated, which helps reduce inflammation and pain.”

He added La Jolla Sports Club would be the first fitness center in San Diego to have the cryotherapy system. Chiltonic will have one tube at the sports club, which is large enough for one person to stand in and move (a little bit), with their head exposed, so they can communicate. Each session lasts for three minutes and costs $65.

Bergman said those interested in trying the system — whether they know they’re going to be sore following a workout, or have inflammation issues — would not have to be a La Jolla Sports Club member, but members would get a discount. The tube will be located at 7825 Fay Ave.