Speed humps installed on West Muirlands Drive


Speed humps approved by La Jolla’s Traffic & Transportation advisory board (T&T) in April were installed on West Muirlands Drive last week, to hopefully slow speedy drivers.

Often used as a feeder street to Fay Avenue and a drop-off for La Jolla High School students, West Muiralands Drive snakes through a residential area and along the back of Muirlands Middle School. However, residents report speeding is a frequent issue. During past presentations to T&T, residents shared horror stories of near misses, accidents, property damage and more.

In an attempt to slow drivers down, a traffic choker was installed in October 2014, and standing plastic pylons were installed after that. With the installation of the speed humps, the pylons were removed but the median remains. Since the previous traffic calming methods were considered ineffective, residents circulated a petition to neighbors and the fire department requesting speed humps (more gradual than speed bumps) be installed and funding was identified. To notify drivers that the humps were installed, a “bump” sign will be posted.