Preserving memories: Library hosts Save Your Photos Day scanning

In honor of Save Your Photos Month (September), La Jolla Riford Library invited the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) to its history room for a day of digitizing treasured family photographs, Sept. 29. Those who signed up in advance were able to bring up to 50 photos to be professionally scanned and saved onto a thumb drive to take home.

With gloved hands, APPO member Tammy Smith carefully saved each image to a digital file and provided instructions on how to access the files at home.

La Jolla resident Betty Little attended with 50 photos in hand, many relating to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. “I was only a year old when it happened, and everyone else in the family who was alive (and could talk about it) has passed away. I want to be able to share this history with younger members of my family,” she said. “Now, they can have the photos to go with the documents I’ve saved.”

As to the importance of having the photos in digital format, she added, “We have some kids in our family who need to do that eighth-grade report on a historical event. When my son had to do it when he was in school, he interviewed my mother, and it would have been so helpful for him to have these photos.”

Little is also writing a book about her family history relating to Peal Harbor, and will use some of the digital photos scanned at the APPO event in the project. For more information, visit