Pedestrian improvements begin on La Jolla Mesa Drive

Work has begun on sidewalk improvements along La Jolla Mesa Drive (south of La Jolla Scenic Drive South) and will continue through October.

La Jolla Mesa Drive, which some use as an alternative to taking La Jolla Boulevard to get from Pacific Beach to The Village, only has a usable sidewalk on one side of the street in some sections, so those who walk to Pacific Beach have to use that side of the road. For some, that means crossing a street subject to speedy drivers and low visibility.

The new section of the sidewalk on the south side of La Jolla Mesa Drive will be installed to improve pedestrian safety. Council member Barbara Bry said in her July newsletter: “This new sidewalk will provide a safe path to walk along La Jolla Mesa Drive. I want to thank City staff and the Transportation & Storm Water Department for prioritizing this project to enhance pedestrian safety in our community.”

Her office added: “This project will provide new sidewalk and traffic striping modifications between Baja Mar and Deer Hill Court in order to maintain a continuous sidewalk on the east side of La Jolla Mesa Drive.”

Last September, residents of La Jolla Mesa Drive in the same area requested a four-way stop sign to curtail speedy drivers. But after the City evaluated the area, engineers recommended a traffic circle, aka roundabout, at the intersection of La Jolla Mesa Drive and Cottontail Lane (one block north of the pedestrian improvements). The proposal was unanimously approved at the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation advisory group’s March 15 meeting at La Jolla Rec Center.