La Jolla Parks & Beaches board seeks input on Scripps Park, improvement projects for the City

The La Jolla Parks & Beaches (LJP&B) advisory committee is again seeking to create guidelines for events at Scripps Park and is asking for public feedback on its recommendations. The committee discussed the issues during its Sept. 25 meeting at La Jolla Rec Center.

LJP&B previously looked at guidelines for park use in 2010, at which time a sub-committee drafted a list of suggestions to serve as an outline going forward.

“We’re trying to get some cohesive instructions together, but we need to know whether we are on the right track,” said sub-committee member Mary Ellen Morgan. “I don’t know whether the community is going to be in favor of what we are considering.

“For example, the 2010 guidelines recommend only four major events at the park a year. Some people will want to see one a quarter, others might want one a month. Another thing we’re looking at is the maximum amount of park space that can be used for a private event.”

Other suggestions within the 2010 guidelines include: keeping a minimum of 50 percent of the park open for public use at all times, giving the community notice at least six months before an event, and not issuing park permits for events in summer months or holiday weekends.

However, Morgan told La Jolla Light after the meeting that “nothing is set in stone.” She said the sub-committee would look at the 2010 guidelines, the La Jolla Community Plan, the City of San Diego’s guidelines for hosting an event in a public space, and any community feedback that comes in before drafting its recommendations.

“We’re trying to take our personal opinions off the table and look at how these events will benefit the public,” she explained. “When we talk about these events at our meetings, there are always opinions on both sides. But the community is changing and the bigger events (like La Jolla Concours d’Elegance car show in April) might benefit the community in different ways. We want to know how the community feels about the number of events, if there should be more or less than what’s held there now, and whether they prefer for-profit events or charity events.”

The sub-committee can be reached through the website, Its recommendations could be discussed at the Oct. 23 LJP&B meeting. The community may also provide feedback at that time.

When finalized, the draft suggestions will be posted and available for comments at the La Jolla Riford Library, 7555 Draper Ave., which Morgan predicts will be by Nov. 1.

Input on City projects

Public feedback is also being sought by LJP&B so the committee can compile its annual list of recommended projects for the City to carry out. In the event a project is not funded or completed within the year, it conventionally rolls over to the following year’s list. A number of the projects from the 2016 list were completed or otherwise funded, leaving room for new additions.

Previous projects that have been completed include the reinstatement of the stairs at 100 Coast Blvd. and the sidewalk along Coast Boulevard, as part of the Whale View Point Shoreline Enhancement Project.

In looking at projects to add, LJP&B trustee Nancy Linck opined, “We should be reaching out to our constituents to see what they want, not what we want. I have some ideas, but I don’t know if others La Jollans are interested in those.”

One LJP&B member posted an announcement on asking for suggestions, but several of the responses were not under LJP&B purview.

According to its mission statement: “The purpose of the LJP&B shall be to preserve, protect and enhance La Jolla parks and beaches. The LJPB may also make recommendations to the Park & Recreation Department, and to the Park & Recreation Board and other park advisory committees.”

— LJP&B meets 4 p.m. fourth Mondays at La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.