Horseshoe Beach staircase railings beginning to rust

Rusting railings at Horseshoe Beach
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Less than six months after the stairs leading to Horseshoe Beach (located between 100-202 Coast Blvd.) were installed — following almost two years of community pleas and an emergency safety declaration — the railings along the stairs have begun to rust. The stairs opened for public use in September 2017.

Up and down the staircase, intersections where bars meet are encircled with rust. When asked about the situation, City representatives could not provide an explanation nor comment by the Light’s Tuesday morning press deadline.

La Jolla Light received a call about the problem from a concerned resident who said he was stunned by the condition of the staircase railings, noting: “I remember reading in your paper that they were recently repaired and I can’t believe how they look now.”

Less than six months after the railings were installed, they have begun to rust. Ashley Mackin-Solomon

The access-way, which is frequented by nearby residents, beachgoers and lifeguards alike, was closed in early 2016 after a winter storm blew the steps from their hinges.

Soon after, community groups such as the La Jolla Parks & Beaches board and its membership began asking the City to reinstate the stairs. In June 2016, the City declared the lack of access an “emergency,” and said the stairs would be treated as such in getting them replaced.

However, roadblocks emerged including funding, questions about ADA-access, a cavity in the seawall and subsequent disagreement over who would take responsibility for its repair. After all was said, the City decided it would fix the stairs and maintain them going forward, and spent eight weeks ahead of the 2017 Labor Day holiday making the repairs.

The Horseshoe Beach staircase was installed in September 2017 Ashley Mackin-Solomon