Quiz: How well do you know the La Jolla Community Plan?

Everyone in this town is an expert in the La Jolla Community Plan. At least that’s what you’d think from attending one of La Jolla’s many community group meetings, where the document is usually cited at least once to support or oppose every proposal. (Sometimes, both!)

How well do you know the La Jolla Community Plan? Here’s your opportunity to prove it.

1. The full name of the document is:

a) La Jolla Community Plan

b) La Jolla Community Plan and Land Use Plan

c) La Jolla Community Plan and Coastal Program Land Use Plan

d) La Jolla Community Plan and Coastal Program Land Use and Development Plan

e) None of the above

2. When was the Community Plan last updated?

a) June 2003

b) February 2011

c) August 2014

d) Late December 1963

3. Which of the following does the Community Plan do?

a) Introduce proposals for implementation

b) Establish new regulations

c) Rezone property

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

4. Which of the following is not a stated goal of the Community Plan for residential land use?

a) To provide a high quality residential environment in La Jolla that respects its relationship to the sea, to hillsides and to open space

b) To promote the development of a variety of housing types and styles in La Jolla

c) To introduce opportunities for the production of more affordable housing within La Jolla to meet the housing needs of all income levels

d) To maintain the character of La Jolla’s residential areas by ensuring that redevelopment occurs in a manner that protects natural features, preserves existing streetscape themes and allows a harmonious visual relationship to exist between the bulk and scale of new and older structures

e) To ensure that new housing developments minimize displacement of low-income residents

5. The Community Plan recommends against drive-throughs anywhere in La Jolla.

a) True

b) False

6. The placement of shoreline protective works — such as seawalls, revetments and parapets — is allowed only when:

a) Required to save coastal-dependent uses

b) There is no other feasible means to protect existing principal structures from wave action

c) Designed to eliminate or mitigate adverse impacts on shoreline sand supply

d) All of the above

7. You can plant all of the following trees in La Jolla except:

a) King Palm

b) Weeping Willow

c) Jacaranda

d) Chinese Elm

e) Carob

8. How many parking spaces are in the Kellogg Park lot?

a) 103

b) 365

c) 479

d) 645

9. This 50-foot-wide “paper street” runs vertically from Torrey Pines Road to the edge of a bluff. It once led to a park that is now just a fenced-off canyon behind a luxury home. According to the Community Plan, opportunities to link it to Coast Walk have been lost to bluff erosion.

a) Ho Chi Minh Street

b) Encelia Drive

c) Charlotte Street

d) Princess Street

e) Paper Street

10. The City should not widen existing La Jolla streets if it would result in an increase in existing traffic volumes into the community.

a) True

b) False

11. Who enforces the rules and regulations governing the use of the La Jolla Underwater Park and Ecological Preserve?

a) City of San Diego

b) City of La Jolla

c) Department of Fish and Game

d) Trick question; no such park exists

12. Which of the following is allowed at the Underwater Park without a permit or special permission?

a) Disturbing or taking any plant, bird, mammal, fish, mollusk crustacean, reptile or any other form of plant life, marine life, geological formation or archaeological artifacts

b) Commercial or sport fishing

c) Using, firing or discharging weapons

d) Swimming, boating and other aquatic sports

13. The Community Plan does not allow parking meters in La Jolla.

a) True

b) False

The Answers:

1) e. “La Jolla Community Plan and Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan.”

2) c.

3) a.

4) e.

5) b. Drive-throughs are not recommended “on pedestrian-oriented streets such as Prospect Street, Girard Avenue and Wall Street.”

6) d.

7) b.

8) b.

9) c.

10) a. “Improvements to La Jolla’s street system should be made in a manner that facilitates traffic circulation without disruption of the community character or existing patterns of development.”

11) c.

12) d.

13) b. They are not mentioned.

Your Score:

13 correct: Did you enjoy this, Joe LaCava?

10-12: So which committee are you on?

5-9: Good job for a La Jollan.

1-4: Good job for a Minnesotan.