Our Readers Write: More La Jollans share views on flight-path changes; no public-use of La Jolla High track


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More letters arrive to protest flight path changes over La Jolla

• Indeed there is a significant increase in aircraft noise in our area (La Jolla Corona Drive) due to the new flight paths. Our understanding is that the new paths are more “efficient,” but a minor improvement in flight times and fuel utilization represents a poor tradeoff with the destruction of a large swatch of “quiet zone.”

Previous FAA public meetings on new flight paths focused on the Point Loma area. Those meetings did result in changes to the proposed flight routes, but there was no indication that there would be impacts on La Jolla. We have written the City Council and Congress member Scott Peters on this matter.

Thank you for bringing the issue to other La Jollans via your article. — Len Gross

• I saw your article about flight noise proposed by a Bird Rock resident. My wife and I have lived here about 18 years. When we first moved in you could only occasionally hear noise from Miramar. It has changed considerably. Now, helicopters (many military) fly all times of the day and night.

There is a regular loud helicopter flight that goes over La Jolla at midnight every day! The commercial airplanes changed their path a few years back. The takeoff path was mentioned in the media at that time by Ocean Beach residents. While the noise is more than it was, take-off flights over the ocean (very near shore) are more noticeable than they used to be. In addition, the landing path from the North changed.

This is more annoying. Planes from the North used to head east from over the ocean to get in line for landing, east of San Diego, by cutting across Torrey Pines State Reserve and Torrey Reserve — an area with NO HOMES. Now the planes fly further south over the ocean and cut across La Jolla — an area with LOTS of homes to head east and get in line for landing.

While not as loud as in Point Loma, it is annoying. As Ms. Pardo points out, we picked a home that was in a quiet neighborhood and now we have a lot of flight noise. Thanks FAA! San Diego is becoming a less desirable place to live. — David N. Haney, Ph.D.

•I’d like to offer a suggestion regarding the problem of loud, low-flying planes over La Jolla. The website — — shows a map that identifies all aircraft flying above the San Diego/La Jolla region in real time. Simply click on the icon of any of the airplanes on the map. A window pops up that identifies the type of aircraft, registration and altitude, in addition to flight information.

Once information, including date and time has been collected on especially egregious flights, the next question is where to complain. Perhaps another reader has information about contacting the FAA? — Paul Anderson


Note to 2016 Vikings of La Jolla High

The scoreboard isn’t always the most important. In the hearts of the Villagers, you are the winners each time. Football is a demanding sport. It calls for fortitude, loyalty, courage, dedication and passion. All of these things makes you winners. You scored in the hearts of the Villagers. Thank you for a memorable 2016 season that we will always remember. — Patricia Weber


Why are election signs still up?

Ms. Nelson’s letter last week was exactly right. As I predicted in my letter to you on Oct. 7, 2016, the candidates will put up these unsightly signs all over way before the election and that’s the end of the story. The signs are left standing, are probably made of non-biodegradable materials, so they pollute our environment forever. I think fines for each sign is a perfect way to stop the sign blight. In addition, why does no reporter investigate whether putting these unsightly signs all over public property is illegal? — IB

Editor’s Note: The website — — contains a list of each state’s rules regarding campaign signs, which you can access by clicking on that state on the site’s map of America. In an exerpt from California’s regulations it reads: “You can’t post the sign more than 90 days prior to the election and you must remove the sign within 10 days following the election.” Fines are indeed involved for violations with information on how you can report the concern.


Stop taking away facilities that foster community life

Thanks for publishing earlier letters about the lost access to La Jolla High School’s track. I’d like to add that this issue is more than just about restoring a rare, safe public outdoor space for runners and walkers. Around that facility you’ll also find families out with a ball, Frisbee or tennis rackets, enjoying exercise and quality time together. Densely-populated La Jolla has few uncrowded public spaces, especially one easy to access by so many.

Let’s not stand idle in the face of this chipping away at the quality of our social fabric by systematically turning our public facilities into fortresses. Why are school administrators rewarded for isolating their facilities from the society that pays for them? I’ve lived in a number of states and have never seen the level of exclusion from public facilities as in La Jolla and greater San Diego. Let’s demand more socially responsible behavior from school administrators. Please take advantage of Dr. Igor Grant’s offer to organize a response and show your support. His e-mail: isigorgrant@gmail.comNick Ecos


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