Our Readers Write: La Jollans voice their views on sea lion rescue, airplane noise, high school track usage, City Council member Barbara Bry and more topics

SeaWorld staff rescues a sea lion pup at La Jolla Cove on Jan. 17.
SeaWorld staff rescues a sea lion pup at La Jolla Cove on Jan. 17.
( Bev Grant )

Our Readers Write / Opinion / Letters to the Editor:

Letters to the Editor from the Jan. 19 and 26, 2017 issues of La Jolla Light as La Jollans speak out on local issues:


•••• Sea lion ‘save’ inspiring to watch at La Jolla Cove

With our friends from Portland, Oregon, we visited the La Jolla Cove on Jan. 17. As we watched the Heermann’s Gulls and the nesting Brandt’s Cormorants, we became aware of a battle between three employees of SeaWorld and an extremely emaciated sea lion pup. With infinite patience, scoop nets at the ready, the SeaWorld staff moved in on a sea lion that was cornered between them and a cliff.

After a long period of crafty execution, and with a sudden lunge from one side, one member grabbed the sea lion, and scooped it up in the net. Success! A perfect, humane “catch,” otherwise, the sea lion would have plunged to its death or died a slow death from starvation.

Throughout this challenging display of skill, many people assembled with cell phones and cameras. As the sea lion was brought up through the fence, the catchers were bombarded with questions. While the answers to the questions were interesting, what was really striking was the kindness with which each question was answered.

It was clear that those assembled were rewarded for their patience, because the trappers were so polite and considerate in responding to the many questions thrown at them. It was, indeed, a demonstration of civility and of knowledge. We could not have asked for a more informative interaction with SeaWorld employees. Our guests were clearly impressed.

Thanks SeaWorld for an unexpected “Master Class” seaside after an incredible “save!” We appreciate your 1,400-plus sea animal saves of 2016. You’re amazing! — Art Cooley and Bev Grant


•••• Congrats La Jolla, we’re the new Ocean Beach!

The Jewel alas, is now the tool

Of some indifferent airline investor pools

Wanting to shave off a few bucks of fuel

At the expense of everyone here.

All the fine houses and all the fine peeps

Lying awake and unable to sleep,

While downward their property values creep

Jet fuel trumps sea lions, perhaps.

Luckily for me I’m deaf on one side,

The side that I’ll turn toward the sky at night,

I guess drumming for years finally served me right

All so their stock goes up a quarter point.


Robert Brock

P.S. Having read the recent letters and sitting here working on the computer late tonight, the jets are coming in every 3 minutes, even after 11 p.m. They are right over my head here, a few blocks from WindanSea.


•••• What’s Barbara Bry’s stand on La Jolla’s toughest issues?

The two front-page articles in the Jan. 19, 2017 issue of La Jolla Light (“CONA appeals decision on sea lion stench at The Cove” and “Group to ask City to delay putting bike-share kiosks in La Jolla”) have one common thread about them, to wit: in neither article is there any statement from our new City Council member Barbara Bry! Why is that?

We have no idea what Ms. Bry’s position is on these two, multi-year challenges plaguing our community. Her silence is deafening! Why is she not fighting to rid our community of the visual pollution in one case and the stink in the other case? Has she already caved in to the Mayor’s actual policy of neighborhood neglect, which is directly opposite to his oft-stated “neighborhoods first” mantra? — Lou Cumming

Editor’s Note: The Light contacted Bry’s office for an update on her positions concerning the ongoing Cove Stench and the proposed DecoBike stations in town. Because the CONA appeal decision is pending, Bry could not comment on the outcome, but her press secretary Hilary Nemchik said Bry is meeting with Mayor Kevin Faulconer this week to discuss solutions to the stench issue, and she’s had staff monitoring the situation at La Jolla Cove and making reports to her.

In regard to DecoBike, Nemchik said, “Barbara is concerned about bike helmets being available and likes the idea of encouraging bike riding by supporting local cycling shops and connecting them with a user-friendly app. She is in the process of learning more about the DecoBike program and will send a representative to the 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 30 meeting at the La Jolla Community Center to gather information from those in attendance. She welcomes input from residents on this issue and any other issues — her office number and e-mail address are: (619) 236-6611 and


•••• Hopeful La Jolla High School track can remain open

I live a couple of blocks away from La Jolla High School and I use the track and field to run and play frisbee with my children. I cherish the facilities and have on many occasions picked up litter left by students. After reading the article about the athletic facilities, I was offended by the accusation by staff that we community members are littering the high school. As a homeowner and community member, I want to keep my neighborhood clean. I am confident we can find a solution to this issue. — Sandy Maynard


•••• Tarnishing Our Jewel

It looks like the City or somebody is about to make repairs to the street/curb area at Girard Avenue and Pearl Street. However, leaving these wires exposed at the base of the street pole is both unsafe and unslightly. Does anyone know what’s going on here? — Susan Boyer


•••• Downed power poles led to outtages Saturday

If you are writing an article on the recent power outage in La Jolla that took out more than 5,000 homes, you could mention the handful of homes in La Jolla that were unaffected thanks to their battery backed-up solar systems. I grew up in La Jolla and work for a local solar company called Urban Offgrid Electric. We had multiple customers with such systems that remained powered through the outage. We also had a couple of customers with standard grid-tied systems who called us and asked why their power went down even though they have solar panels. Most people don’t know that standard solar systems are shut down when the grid goes down. — JP Engh

Editor’s Note: NBC 7 was first to report that downed power poles knocked out electricity for nearly 7,300 customers in parts of La Jolla and Mount Soledad Saturday morning (Jan. 14). San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) said a string of outages were first reported at around 7:40 a.m. About a half-hour later, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Capt. Joe Amador confirmed a high power line pole had fallen in the 2000 block of Olite Court, likely prompting the outages and SDG&E crews were working to secure electrical wires and the hot power line.

An SDG&E spokesperson said that given the location, the pole(s) were difficult for crews to access, but SDG&E hoped to restore power to all customers by 12:30 p.m. It’s unclear if the rain storms Friday and Saturday contributed to the falling of the power poles. The cause is under investigation.


•••• Buyer Beware

Some years ago, I bought a very nice leather jacket at a brand name store on Girard Avenue. It was a sizeable purchase and came with a lifetime guarantee meaning any repairs in the way of split seams, etc. would be taken care of free of charge. I was a bit doubtful as to how they could offer a guarantee for my lifetime and asked about it more than once.

Sadly, when I took it in today I was informed that my lifetime guarantee had expired even though I hadn’t. — Mark Anderson


•••• What’s on YOUR mind?

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