Luxury Home Resolutions for 2017


While many people are making up their list of resolutions for the New Year to include health, fitness, and variations of good behavior, the New Year marks a potential time to kick start your adventure to finally getting your new luxury dream home.

Here are a few things to consider for a remodel or construction project in the next year:

Think about your timeline. If you have never embarked on a renovation project, you’ll need to keep in mind that these projects will always take a little longer than expected. Plans will be made and revised, permits will be required, and then…there’s life. Even in Southern California, there can be sudden, unexpected weather changes, which can delay construction, or work or family matters can shift priorities and timelines. Then there are the unexpected developments that can happen during the construction or renovation project, ranging from old pipes that need replacing to an urgent geological reinforcement to a storm off Gibraltar that delays the shipment of your Italian marble by a month. This is why you always want to budget extra time into your construction timeline.

Also critical in the planning phase? Think about where you will live during the project, whether you are undertaking a full construction or a remodel. Will you need to sell a home before you move in? That is an important consideration as it is very ambitious, even among the most easy-going families, to live in a home while it is under renovation or construction. Families have been driven apart by far less. Even if a home is technically “habitable,” there will be fine dust, loud noises, and ongoing teams of workers who will need you to be out of the way. Large portions of the day may include shut off electricity and water. Remember: camping trips are fun because they’re short term. Construction is long term. Make sure you have a place to stay that is convenient for you and your family, either for getting to work, school, or sanity.

Next to consider: Purchase or remodel? Foremost, remember that location is the key to your home’s potential worth. Do you love the location of your current home? If you have school-aged children, how are the schools in that district? Is the neighborhood up-and-coming, or is it a neighborhood with an established identity, not likely to change much? Also, do you want beachfront or up in the hills, remote or in the middle of the action? Is your lifestyle more suited to a gated community, or do you want more suburban access? These will be among the most difficult decisions you make, as the structure and cosmetics of your build can still be altered during the early stages of the building process.

When you make your construction resolutions for the New Year, have a tentative move-in date in mind, but as a general guide. If a summer construction project would work best for you, know that you will want to start planning as early as January so that you can ensure your contractor and crew will be available. Remember, they may have other projects already lining up for the year, so you don’t want to wait until just before you think you might be ready to start your build. Even more important: you do not want to skimp on your architect or contractor, as each needs to be licensed professionals with plenty of experience in designing luxury homes. Also, architects and contractors experienced with building luxury homes may be able to help guide you through some of the decision making process; you want someone whom you trust to be honest with you. Yes, your luxury home should be your design; however, a great architect and contractor will tell you what works best and what doesn’t, helping you realize the best luxury home possible.

Do your research, check reviews, and even ask around in developments under construction.

Next month, I’ll start walking you through the phases of your luxury dream home building project and how to move forward with your resolutions, from the wish phase to construction.

If you’re ready to plan your luxury home build or remodel project for the New Year, or if you have questions about any part of the luxury home design and building process, contact us for expertise at