Monitoring Your Construction Project from the Ground to the Cloud


The new year is the great time to think about starting that project you’ve been mulling over, or maybe are in the early planning stages on your way to actualizing. Whether you are a contractor or a client hiring a team for your project, you will want to invest in the latest construction tools of the trade: computer technology and cutting-edge apps.

Technology is rapidly changing the construction industry, from design to application and management. The role of apps on a construction project range from managing a worksite to collecting bids to surveying the site with a drone.

But if you are looking to hire a contractor, what does all this fancy tech mean for you as the client?

We at Murfey Company are 100% Cloud based so that anyone on our team as well as our clients have access to the entire project at any time. This keeps you on the same page as the entire team, and Cloud based technology lets you watch the entire process of your build.

When contractors and builders work from the Cloud, communication is dramatically improved, there is a fluid and productive cross-collaboration between members of the team and the clients, and streamlining the process means time is being saved, getting you into your home sooner, or your units available for rent or sale sooner. And the longer projects get drawn out, the more that can go wrong (think weather delays or scheduling conflicts). Your time is valuable, and getting your project completed as quickly (while still as safely) as possible means that your investment can start working for you as soon as possible.

Beside the Cloud, other integral apps are ones used for project and field management, which often feature dashboards showing the real-time progress on the site. This software is ideal for managing multiple projects at a time. Some apps even claim to reduce projection costs by 4%. The best part? Many of these work even without access to Wi-Fi. Similarly, there are Cloud-based task management apps that assign work, handle reporting, and assist in note-taking and then sharing the notes with the team. Task management solution software helps crews assign work, report problems, and organizes the information in an easy-to-read form on a smart phone or tablet. If you can’t get to your project site or you have to be away on business or vacation, you don’t have to miss a thing.

Another exciting development is the use of drones to map the sites to help with 3-E modeling. A drone, coupled with its app, can give you quick and accurate data to measure distance, area, and volume. All the information is loaded to the app, which—because you also have the Cloud—will be instantaneously shared with you and the rest of the team.

At Murfey Company, our goal is to help you realize your dream of designing and building a new home or investment property. We want to make it easier for local investors in San Diego to have a say in the development of their community. Using the latest in cutting edge technology streamlines the construction process, giving you real-time answers on cost projections and logistics and keeping you involved in your own project—from the ground to the Cloud. For more information on our technology or to discuss a project, visit us at