Backyard trends


The color trends in 2017 will resemble a variation of the pallet as last year, with beautiful hues of breezy light but warm tones in different shades of teal and aquamarine. Gray and its many variations still remains a popular choice among homeowners, creating a trendy, yet serene atmosphere. We will also see pops of complementary color in the form of bold reds and corals – a perfect way to help your favorite pieces of outdoor furniture or seating areas truly stand out.

The outdoor space as a whole will feature more modern and natural-looking poolscapes and designs. However, builders are really beginning to pick up on geometric lines and shapes, creating backyards that feature subsequent pool and lounging areas that create a larger, overall work of art while still maintaining their functionality. These modular backyards feature more than one focal point, whether it’s a raised spa, “floating step” walkway, ethereal bridge or perimeter overflows.

Wading pool with build-in lounges

Bridges, terraces

As more homeowners tend to invest in their backyards as a place they can escape to while still enjoying the comforts of home, you’ll see multiple hardscape materials being used to define outdoor spaces. When mixing materials – like large tile inlayed with grass, or travertine mixed with marble – it creates a more regal aesthetic. These mixed media hardscapes create a warmth and beauty that cannot be matched.

Since 2017 is all about creating an organic space in the backyard, solar lighting options are definitely on trend. Not only are outdoor waterproof landscaping lighting options an environmentally-friendly option, the soft and gentle light they cast sets the mood as soon as the sun goes down. These solar lights work perfectly lining pavers to the pool or a stylish seating area, or they work wonderfully as accent lighting within the landscaping, highlighting a perfectly pruned shrub or mature tree.

Gone are the days of the backyard just housing a pool. Homeowners are now creating outdoor retreats that feature gorgeous, yet functional cabanas and pergolas that are integrated into the home’s design. This area allows homeowners to step outside and still feel like they are in an extension of their home. This cohesive aesthetic provides trendy looking protection from the elements so you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round.

And for those who want to incorporate a more romantic vibe into their luxurious backyard escape, beautiful canopy covers keep you covered in the sun. They are available in a range of colors and patterns to complement the rest of your backyard space.

For a more obvious vision of indulgence, trending pools feature infinity edges, zero edges, perimeter overflows and sunken spaces. Some even have acrylic walls, perfect for those who enjoy being able to see every aspect of the poolscape. Tanning ledges are also popular choices this year and can be built out of gunite or fiberglass.

Custom spas and hot tubs are the perfect complement to a poolscape, and this year it’s all about function. Swim Spas are great addition for the athlete who wants to work out in the privacy of their own home. And for those who just want a warm water soak? Why not do it in luxury with a glass tile spa complete with perimeter overflow or vanishing edge. Sunken spas are also still trending, much like last year, which make for an amazing space perfect for relaxation.

Dining al fresco has new meaning this year, as more and more homeowners are creating a sustainable backyard. People can now gather their fresh food and make a part of their meal instantaneously when you have the perfect outdoor cooking area. While outdoor kitchens remain popular additions to any fully-functional backyard, it’s all about finding the best grill or smoker that fits your needs. Today’s trending models have many gourmet features, including multiple burners, dual functions like grilling and smoking and multiple heat sources (wood, charcoal and gas). Pool owners opting to combine the two together for a breathtaking ambiance at night. These complementary features turn a pool from the ordinary into the extraordinary by creating two different looks – a nighttime glow and a daytime visual of constantly moving water. Waterfall curtains are beautiful examples of how sheets of water create a gorgeous visual whether you’re sitting poolside or inside the house looking out. Misting systems are also gaining momentum this year, and are perfect additions to backyards in warm temperatures. Operating fire and water features has become simplified with technological advances, as well, this year. Many systems can be automated and allow users to operate there “extras” via their smart device wherever they are, whenever they want.