Business Spotlight: Homegrown Meats specializes in all-organic products at La Jolla butcher shop


Homegrown Meats sells only the highest quality (hormone- and antibiotic-free) meat choices for holidays and everyday. This includes fresh organic turkey, succulent grass-fed beef from San Diego County ranchers, and fresh organic pork, poultry, lamb and exotic meats and sausages of all varieties.

Like many successful shopkeepers, Don Snyder (previously a restaurateur), and his three business partners recognized an unmet need for a health-conscious organic local butcher shop in the heart of La Jolla.

“It took us about two months to put the deal together and we’ve been in business with Homegrown Meats for more than seven years now,” Snyder said.

His three partners include Matt Rimel, owner of Rimel Rotisserie; and friends, Thad Benshoof and Peter Morris.

Homegrown Meats features organic grass-fed beef from cows raised entirely on grass from Mendenhall Ranch in the Palomar Mountain area.

“Besides grass-fed beef, we sell two different kinds of all-natural beef — prime and choice,” Snyder said. “Our all-natural beef is raised on a mix of grains and alfalfa, and no corn or hormones are added to anything in our shop. Our all-natural beef comes from a co-op of ranches in the Imperial Valley.”

Both organic and all-natural turkeys are available from Homegrown Meats. The organic turkeys are available from Samuel’s Ranch and the all-natural turkeys are raised at Heidi M’s in Petaluma.

Homegrown Meats also offers all kinds of all-natural pork cuts, including tenderloin, pork chops (both bone-in and boneless), along with baby back ribs. The organic chicken comes whole, as bone-in or boneless, or as breasts or thighs.

“We cut things to order and all meat is freshly ground right in the shop; yes, you can come in and order freshly ground beef, turkey, lamb and pork,” Snyder said. “We tell our customers, if you don’t see it ask; we can get almost anything, including rabbit.”

Homegrown Meats also carries homemade salami, organic cheeses, beef broth and chicken bone broth. “All of our meats are nitrate-free, including our salamis, deli chicken and turkey, along with what we make in the shop, including sausages,” Snyder said.

Georgia-born, Snyder has a great appreciation for his business here. “I wanted a community butcher shop because I have a passion for food and cooking, and I love having a business in La Jolla,” he said.

••• Homegrown Meats at 7660 Fay Ave., La Jolla, is open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Find daily specials at or (858) 454-6328.

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