It’s Ligne Roset & Poliform for European-style furniture and home furnishings in La Jolla


Italy meets France in La Jolla. That could well be the motto of Ligne Roset & Poliform La Jolla on Girard Avenue. But CEO Amir Kazerani would probably prefer calling his residential- and commercial-furnishing business a “one-stop shop.”

“They’re both European,” Kazerani said. “Poliform is Italian and Ligne Roset is a French company. What makes them special is that both brands offer full service, meaning if you go with either one you can buy closets, you can buy carpet, you can buy furniture and more.”

What also distinguishes these two lines is “the quality of the brand and the design,” Kazerani explained. “Everything these two brands carry is designed by an iconic designer from their region or from somewhere else in Europe. Every year they come up with new collections. Ligne Roset comes out with a new collection each January in Cologne, Germany. Poliform? They come out in April in Milan. These two brands just keep updating.”

Both Ligne Roset and Poliform are family-owned businesses, the latter in existence since the late 1800s. Poliform is a relatively new brand, having been founded “only” 61 years ago, in 1946.

The Ligne Roset brand, Azerani said, focuses on furniture, while for Poliform it is closets and the kitchen. Ligne Roset is “more affordable for a median household, but Poliform is definitely for the niche market,” he added. “That’s one of the reasons we want to carry these two lines in Southern California — we capture the two different markets.”

The La Jolla showroom is staffed by two designers (one for residential, the other for commercial), and an architect is also available for clients who want to plan their closets, kitchens or other spaces in the home. Azerani’s business offers master planning, which includes interior design and architectural design services.

Customers at Ligne Roset & Poliform La Jolla come in two varieties: those who browse and buy on site, and those who come in with a plan (or want help with formulating one) for their home, multi-unit residential property or business. “You can do both,” Azerani explained. “You can come to this showroom and buy pieces as shown or you can order pieces and customize any item that both companies offer.”

The furniture you’ll see in the showroom is a European-crafted triumph of form and function all in one. These two brands “care about design,” Azerani emphasized. “They’re beautiful, but they’re also functional and comfortable. This is their (Ligne Roset’s and Poliform’s) philosophy, their vision, and the reason that I decided to carry these two designs in La Jolla. People don’t have to travel to LA.”

In fact, it’s been the other way around, Azerani has discovered. Perhaps it’s the lure of La Jolla? “I have clients,” he said, “from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.”

Ligne Roset & Poliform La Jolla, 7726 Girard Ave., La Jolla. (858) 876-2138.

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