La Jolla High School grads launch Invyte app


Corbin Fargo and John Weil (La Jolla High Class of 2011 and 2012) have developed an app to ease the process of creating events and inviting friends to them. More organized than text messaging, more centralized than Facebook and less formal than evite, the Invyte app went live in August for iPhones and is available for free.

“The idea is to create spontaneous events in the long- and short-term. Long-term is considered nine days and anything less than that is short-term. You have your evite, Facebook and texting (the latter of which) is how most spontaneous events are planned, but when you have a bunch of people texting, details can get lost,” explained Weil. “This way, you can have all the details in one place, along with a place for people to say whether they are going.

“There is also a message board connected to that event so attendees can chat or ask questions. The address is click-able and opens in a map. It integrates with Apple calendar, so it goes to your calendar and you get reminders. There is also a privacy setting that allows for you to limit the invitation to those you wish, or open it up so your friends can invite their friends.”

Added Fargo, “It’s an easy, informal tool. You wouldn’t create an evite to get beers with friends after work that same day. If people have the app, they get a push notification (similar to a text message) when they’re invited to something. Most other apps use a web-based system rather than push notification. We’re technically the only event app that works this way.”

Weil and Fargo began working on the app a few years ago, but for Fargo, it was a longtime off-and-on project, as he explained: “I started working on the app right out of high school … and took a break, went to college, worked on it on and off for three years.” Fargo recently graduated with an accounting major from University of San Diego. Weil is a marketing major at San Diego State University.

One day, while at the Starbucks on Torrey Pines Road, Fargo bumped into his former tennis teammate, Weil. The two were “acquaintances” in high school and reconnected well after they graduated from college. “That Starbucks is where we’ve done all work for the last few years,” Weil said.

They decided to work together to develop the app and released an early incarnation to supporters and gathered feedback. The version available for download is now what Forbes calls version 1.2.

“As we gain traction, our goal is to make it easy for businesses to advertise,” Weil said. “It can be hard for businesses to know that their demographic is seeing the advertising they are putting out, so we want to geo-fence an area, and businesses can purchase access to that, so when someone with the app walks into that geo-fence, an ad will pop up with a local event. If there’s a bar or nightclub with an event or a concert, someone can organize the event and pay to send out an invitation to everyone with the app within 30 miles.”

He added with open invitations (through which friends can invite friends), “50 people could be 1,000 in minutes.”

The app is live on the iOS store for Apple only. However, as funding becomes available, the developers would like to launch an Android version. Learn more by contacting Weil at (858) 309-2504 or