La Jolla Music Society’s 2017 SummerFest Gala
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La Jolla Music Society’s SummerFest provides a little night music

La Jolla Music Society president and artistic director Kristin Lancino and Thierry Lancino, gala hosts Joan and Irwin Jacobs, gala chair and LJMS board chair Katherine Chapin and Dane Chapin  (Vincent Andrunas)
Edward and Martha Dennis, Christopher Beach, Sue and John Major  (Vincent Andrunas)
Derek Floyd, Mary Ann Beyster, SummerFest violinist Kristin Lee, Teddy Nelson, Charlie Goldberg  (Vincent Andrunas)
Sam Popkin and Susan Shirk, Iris and Matthew Strauss, Elaine Galinson, Herb Solomon (Vincent Andrunas)
Don and Karen Cohn, Colette Carson Royston and Dr. Ivor Royston (Vincent Andrunas)
Sharon Leemaster, Sue and Peter Wagener, Jeanette Stevens, Judith Adler, Leigh Ryan (Vincent Andrunas)
John Rebelo and Sarah B. Marsh-Rebelo, Claire Reiss, Eleanor Ellsworth, Angel and Fred Kleinbub (Vincent Andrunas)
Bill and Susan Hoehn, Jeanne Larsen, UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, Elizabeth Taft  (Vincent Andrunas)
Victor and Dolly Woo (Vincent Andrunas)
Fred and Angel Kleinbub, Erika and Fred Torri (Vincent Andrunas)
Peter and Peggy Preuss, Kathleen and Kenneth Lundgren, Marilyn and Steve Miles (Vincent Andrunas)
Harry and Valerie Cooper, Robin Nordhoff, Una Davis and Jack McGrory (Vincent Andrunas)
Julie Bronstein, Steve and Phyllis Pfeiffer (Vincent Andrunas)