Science Discovery Day adds engineering unit
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Science Discovery Day adds engineering unit

Koen Schira slowly adds color to moving water to see how much it will take to turn the water blue, as classmates including Mia Leandro and Misa Uchiyama watch.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Physical therapist Kelly Brook Bartley uses a ‘skeleton’ to show where bones in the body are.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Brooke Bartley peeks into a microscope.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Students get to see the inside of the helicopter that landed on campus for Science Discovery Day.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Levi Dillon shares how drones work.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Comin’ in for a landing — the helicopter ‘surprise’ on Torrey Pines Elementary School field.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)
Nina Makori shows off her ‘fruit battery,’ which as a part of a table-wide circuit, successfully lit a small bulb.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon)