Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra Five-Year Anniversary Celebration
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Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra Five-Year Anniversary Celebration

Michael Francis (MM music director), Dr. DeAnn Cary (event hostess), Bill Jech (event host), Jing Bourgeois (event chair) and Jim Freeman, Nancy Laturno (MM executive director), Hernan Constantino (MMYO music director) (Vincent Andrunas)
Shirley Harper, Sonya and Neil Johnson (honorary chairs), Esther Nahama (Club Amadeus chair) (Vincent Andrunas)
John and Elise Cho, Alexandra Pearson (MM board chair), Paul Meschler (Vincent Andrunas)
John Stigi, Samantha Hardy, Julie and Mike Tweeten (Vincent Andrunas)
Tom and Julie Karlo, Linda and Joe Satz (Vincent Andrunas)
Jo Ann Kilty, Chuck Freebern, Phyllis Harris, Charlene Abrahamson (Vincent Andrunas)
Jeanne Obenchain, Julie Burgess, Richard Forsyth and Kate Leonard (Vincent Andrunas)
Matthew and Svetlana Weil, Galina Epifanova, Filipp Sher (Vincent Andrunas)
Frank Glasson (MMYO director of concert band, Elise Cho, Robyn Glasson (MMYO intermediate strings instructor), John Cho (Vincent Andrunas)
Gail Donahue, Reinette Levine, Bob Maddalena and Marsha Sewell (Vincent Andrunas)
Joan Hart, Steve and Sue Hart (Vincent Andrunas)
Theresa Sze, Deirdre Fonseca (Vincent Andrunas)
Johan Brahme (MM board VP), Ann Fulmer, Dennis Muckermann (Vincent Andrunas)