League House picnic a ‘Fiesta in Havana’
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League House picnic a ‘Fiesta in Havana’

Sheila Brown, Annie Jones, Barbara Diamond and Daniel Sewell  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Sarah Ferry and Faye Kitchel  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Sammy Askari and Rotarian Judy Nelson  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Scott and Linda Dentel with their 1957 Chevy Nomad wagon  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Joanne Bellovay, Catherine Britz, Cathleen Christian and Jeanne Campbell  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Event posters around the League House patio  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Event organizer Penny Shurtleff and Laurnie Durisoe  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Robert Feliciano and his 1957 Chevy, complete with Cuban license plate  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Offelia Osi, Acela Perez and Alice Berwert  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Volunteer Bonnie Knapp hangs the flag of Cuba.  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Jane Reldan with Bill Black  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
Mac and Camille McKinnie dish up mock mojitos  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
League House property manager Jill Hunter, Anne Schofield and League House employee Karen Maestro  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )
With the presence of umbrellas, the dance floor was a bit smaller this year, but that didn’t stop the party-goers from doing the salsa!  (Ashley Mackin-Solomon )