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  • The Truth Behind Feeling Burned Out

    The Truth Behind Feeling Burned Out

    By Dr. Frank Carter

  • Robin Williams: was anybody listening?

    Robin Williams: was anybody listening?

    By Dr. Frank Carter The tragic news over the death of Robin Williams has drawn world attention. By no stretch of the imagination, his talents have been lauded as genius. On the surface, when watching Robin Williams perform, people experienced an interaction with Robin Williams the performer. Most...

  • Parenting 101

    Parenting 101

    By Dr. Frank Carter I have been coaching parents for 14 years. And with the help of experience and advances in modern neuroscience, I understand much more now than I did when I first started out. Parenting goes beyond providing for a child’s basic needs of food, water and shelter. The role of the...

  • The Overwhelming Truth

    The Overwhelming Truth

    By Dr. Frank Carter We typically describe the feeling of being overwhelmed as the result of having too much to do and not enough time and energy to do it. And we think the way to solve this feeling is to simply think more clearly, or to think more and more and more. We are also commonly counseled...

  • You Are Your Parents

    You Are Your Parents

    By Dr. Frank Carter If you’re a parent, I am sure you have had one of those moments when you say something to your child and you think to yourself, “I am turning into my mother (or father)!” Such strong recognitions might only happen every so often, so most parents don’t realize just how much they...