Gowns go on parade to support Balboa Park’s Patrons of the Prado in San Diego

Balboa Park’s Patrons of the Prado showcases gowns for a cause in San Diego

Miriam Summ, Judy Burer, Kristi Pieper, Kathryn Vaughn

(Vincent Andrunas)

The Patrons of the Prado held their annual Gown Event on March 17, 2017 at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Valley shopping to raise money for the Bucks4Buses program and to help upcoming gala guests find formalwear. The Masterpiece Gala 2017, Noche de Sueños (Night of Dreams), is set for Saturday, July 8 in Balboa Park, San Diego. It will raise money in support of the projects and programs of the 11 cultural institutions within the Park.