Most prestigious watch brand, Patek Philippe, now at CJ Charles Jewelers



As of September 2016, CJ Charles Jewelers in La Jolla is an official retailer for the Swiss watch brand, Patek Philippe, which is renowned for innovation, quality and heritage.

Established in Geneva in 1839, Patek Phillipe is the last independently family-owned watch manufacturer. Over four generations, the Stern family continues to uphold the legacy and tradition of the original founders. If you are wearing a Patek Philippe, then you are wearing a timeless masterpiece that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Said Vahid Moradi, president and CEO of CJ Charles Jewelers, “Patek Philippe has been a personal and business pursuit of mine for nearly 25 years. Where do I begin? Is it the legacy of Patek, their mastery of movement making, or what they represent to watch collectors worldwide?

“I have to start by saying it’s even more than all of the above. A Patek Philippe client understands the true DNA of watchmaking and feels privileged owning it. They understand that the Patek Philippe in their collection will be cherished not only by themselves, but by their children, and their grandchildren. In 1998, a year after my son was born, I started collecting my first Patek Philippe: a Patek Calatrava followed by a Patek Annual Calendar. My personal passion then was the driving force to our current partnership with Patek Philippe.

“Now I am finally able to represent and present the brand to our incredibly loyal collectors and clients in Southern California.”

Across the world, vintage Patek Philippe timepieces are highly sought after. They have received record-breaking bids at various auctions due to their high level of craftsmanship and history. This year, a Patek Philippe World Time reference 2523/1 (from 1954) sold for $2,513.222 at the Hong Kong Watch Sale.

The society of the Patek Philippe enthusiasts will now have their own destination to acquire their next Patek Philippe for their collection. Call CJ Charles Jewelers or stop in the store to learn more.

CJ Charles Jewelers is at 1135 Prospect St. in La Jolla. (858) 454-5390.

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