Wendy Hill uses hypnosis and psychotherapy to promote mental healing

Wendy Hill established CentrePoint Inc. in 2010.
(Provided by Wendy Hill)

Business Spotlight: CentrePoint Inc.


CentrePoint Inc. is designed to support mental health through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and more. Wendy Hill began the nonprofit after 35 years in private practice.

To learn more, the La Jolla Light posed the following questions to Hill:

Q. When did your establishment start? Who founded it? What is its mission?

A. I began my private practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in 1975. In 2010, I established CentrePoint Inc., a nonprofit that offers one-on-one hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, workshops, classes and events that support mental health, well-being and spiritual guidance. My mission is to offer alternative therapies that address common challenges such as anxiety, overwhelm, depression and relationship difficulties.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. Over almost 50 years of practice, I have [realized that] childhood trauma is responsible for much anxiety and depression in the present. It is because of this unfortunate reality that I specialize in inner-child healing and core-belief transformation.

Hypnotherapy in particular offers the process of regression therapy, which allows the individual to identify and transform self-defeating core beliefs that were taken on in childhood into core beliefs that support healthy adult experiences.

Q. What makes you and/or your enterprise unique compared with similar ones?

A. Having been in practice for so many years, I have been able to observe the difference between typical talk therapy and hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapeutic techniques. For one, my sessions are two hours long — long enough to really get to the root of a problem. I have always offered workshops that hasten the healing process as well.

Second, hypnosis regression offers a window into the past and the opportunity to heal that cannot be revealed or implemented in typical talk therapy or the like. The participant can actually identify exactly what, when, where and how a self-defeating pattern began. The processes that I have developed over the years allow the participant to change how they think, feel and act in the present. The transformation is often wonderfully dramatic. My therapy offers results typical current therapies cannot offer and in a fraction of the time.

Third, I am highly intuitive and consequently can “read between the lines.” I offer insight and direction not often offered by other therapists. I believe in support that is loving, compassionate and goes directly to resolution.

“Over almost 50 years of practice, I have [realized that] childhood trauma is responsible for much anxiety and depression in the present. It is because of this unfortunate reality that I specialize in inner-child healing and core-belief transformation.”

— Wendy Hill

Q. What’s new recently with your practice that you want everyone to know about?

A. Since the 1980s, I have offered my one-on-one clients an intensive workshop that embraces all of my well-developed skills and processes for hypnosis and inner-child healing. Now I am offering the same skills and processes to those who have not yet worked with me one on one. The workshops are named The Renaissance Experience, meaning reawakening. They are offered in three steps.

The first step is a two-hour Zoom session where the participant can experience me live and learn about hypnotherapy and inner-child healing. The participant will have the opportunity to ask questions and will be able to experience an optional regression.

The second step is a two-day in-person or Zoom workshop where the participant will examine their childhood history. I will help them discover the high-impact moments and conditions that set self-defeating core beliefs and patterns of behavior. I will then offer the powerful process of inner-child healing that I call “rescuing” the inner child.

The third step is a five-day, intensive in-person workshop held at my Encinitas facility — a workshop I have presented over 100 times over the years. This workshop has proved to be truly transformative. In it, the participant will connect deeply with their inner child and that which is the highest within them. I call that part of the self “The Great Loving Wise Self.” I guide the participant through the pain and trauma of the past to wonderful truths and understandings that allow for forgiveness and feelings of being loved, worthy and safe. These experiences are based on tangible and well-understood truths, not just a workshop high.

For maximum results, only a few will be allowed to participate in the five-day workshop. Visit

Q. What are the advantages of working with La Jollans?

A. Over the years, a high percentage of my clients have been from La Jolla. I particularly enjoy working with La Jollans who are professionals and high achievers. The determination and courage it took for them to get where they are professionally will be engaged to heal that which hurt them in the past and is still affecting them in the present.

CentrePoint Inc. is at 4407 Manchester Ave., Encinitas. Learn more at or call (760) 994-9296.

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