‘The smile they have always wanted’: La Jolla Village Orthodontics aims to get patients’ teeth in top shape

Drs. Paul Upatham and Katherine Wong opened La Jolla Village Orthodontics in 2019.
(Provided by La Jolla Village Orthodontics)

Business Spotlight:

Striving for optimum smile strength, La Jolla Village Orthodontics provides individualized attention from home or in the office. To learn more about the practice, the La Jolla Light posed the following questions to Dr. Katherine Wong.

Q. When did your business start? Who founded it? What is its mission?

A. “My business partner, Dr. Paul Upatham, and I founded La Jolla Village Orthodontics in April 2019. It is our mission to guide our patients to optimal orthodontic health by delivering the highest possible level of care in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment. We aim to improve patient health, appearance, self-confidence and overall quality of life.”

Q. What services do you offer?

A. “We offer complimentary consultations and provide custom-tailored treatment plans based on each individual’s needs and desires. We offer traditional metal braces as well as many cosmetic orthodontic treatment options, including clear aligners and lingual braces. As a top 1 percent Invisalign provider in the world, this makes up a large part of our practice. We treat children and adults of all ages.”

Q. What makes your company unique compared with similar businesses?

A. “We provide an experience that exceeds our patients’ expectations in every interaction. In addition to providing the highest-quality results, our incredible team makes sure it is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.”

Q. What’s new recently with the business that you want everyone to know about?

A. “We know how valuable our patients’ time is, so we have implemented a remote monitoring system that allows our doctors to closely monitor treatment progress from the comfort of your home. This allows the in-office appointments to be quicker and less frequent, giving our patients more time for school, family, friends and extracurriculars.

“We now also provide whitening with each Invisalign treatment so that patients can whiten while they straighten to achieve the smile they have always wanted.”

Q. What are the advantages of working in La Jolla?

A. “We love the people that make up the La Jolla community. They have supported us through our first years of business, through a pandemic, and are still supporting us through whatever may come next! It makes us so happy that our office can be a place in the community where friends and family reunite.

“We are thankful that our patients trust us with their orthodontic needs and refer their friends and families so that we can continue to serve more of our community.”

La Jolla Village Orthodontics is at 7575 Eads Ave. For more information, call (858) 459-3353, email or visit

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