Lefkowitz Enterprises offers solar energy solutions

Jason Lefkowitz founded Lefkowitz Enterprises, a solar energy business, in April.
Jason Lefkowitz founded Lefkowitz Enterprises, a solar energy business, in April.
(Provided by Jason Lefkowitz)

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Though he’s been in the San Diego area only since the end of May, Jason Lefkowitz said he’s happy to be part of the community.

“I wanted to get out of Los Angeles,” he said.

The head of Poway-based Lefkowitz Enterprises, a solar energy business, said the many homes sporting solar panels were part of the area’s appeal.

“It’s extremely important to take control of your energy use,” Lefkowitz said. “Your home is your biggest asset. You must do what is right to protect it.”

Nearly all solar power companies cite benefits of transitioning to solar from the standard electrical grid, such as reducing air pollution, water usage, dependence on non-renewable energy sources and helping to fight climate change.

California provides a multitude of savings on energy costs for customers switching to solar, including tax credits, rebates and other incentives.

Lefkowitz said it’s rewarding for him to help families save money when they make the transition to solar power.

Lefkowitz, who previously worked as a standup comic in L.A. as well as in the restaurant industry there, founded Lefkowitz Enterprises in April. He said he was eager to begin a new career after losing his former jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more than 164 different tax incentives in California, Lefkowitz said he is “doubling and tripling people’s tax credits” on their new solar energy systems.

“I provide free consultations so that whatever solar system the customer chooses, I can try to write off as much as possible for them in tax credits and help them save money,” he said.

Lefkowitz said he also waits to bill customers until 30 days after their installation is complete and their system is operational so their former bills are finished before the new billing begins.

As an independent contractor, Lefkowitz partners with Solar Energy Providers, a company with more than 200 representatives across seven states that helps customers find the right solar system for their needs.

Emil Bebla, regional sales manager for Solar Energy Partners, trained Lefkowitz and has known him for the past year. He said the two companies work together to help customers with everything from sales to project management.

“We have access to many different companies in the solar industry, particularly installers and finance companies, so we can help customers get the best deal possible for their solar projects,” Bebla said.

Lefkowitz Enterprises can be reached at (310) 625-9821 or by email at

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