LB Life Designs’ Lynne Blanche aspires to boost boomers’ lives

Lynne Blanche is an independent home concierge, providing services to senior citizens through her company, LB Life Designs.
(Courtesy of Lynne Blanche)

Business Spotlight:

Inspired by decades of designing for and doting on others, local resident Lynne Blanche has started working as an independent home concierge to try to improve the lives of senior citizens in and around La Jolla.

LB Life Designs, the company Blanche launched a few months ago, offers many services for baby boomers, such as decluttering. “I get ... with people that say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have too much of everything here,’” Blanche said. “Maybe they need to minimize their material things [and] clean up their life a little bit.”

Blanche said she also helps her clients organize their homes and adapt for their current lifestyles. She recently helped a woman living in a historic home lay tread on the steps between her bathroom and bedroom to prevent slips and falls, along with other “little things to keep her in her home as long as possible.”

“I’m a baby boomer and there’s a lot of us that have to start thinking about senior living,” she said. “Where do you want to live? Let’s plan it. If you’re in a two-story house, you break a hip … . What do you plan on doing? Are you going to stay in this house?

“Do your kids even want your antiques that you’re saving for them?”

Blanche cautioned against waiting too long to consider those questions and more.

She said her services are a “kind of counseling,” encouraging her clients to contemplate changes to “enhance your health.”

She also works with her real estate and construction contacts to “think outside the box,” like putting screen doors in front of double doors.

“I love creating solutions to problems,” she said.

Blanche, also a member of the La Jolla Woman’s Club, said LB Life Designs’ services are flexible and varied. “It’s not a one shoe fits all.”

Blanche, who lives in University City, started a business a few decades ago selling plants to various clothing showrooms in Los Angeles and servicing them. She later became an interior designer and then a subcontractor designing and building homes.

“I was always entrepreneurial,” Blanche said.

She moved to Mammoth Lakes and started a concierge service to arrange ski lift tickets, massage appointments, food orders and other things for visitors “to make their stay wonderful,” she said.

That business transitioned into a catering and cooking endeavor, which led Blanche to run an organic restaurant, Lynne’s Garden of Eat’N, for eight years.

She then followed her adult daughters to San Diego, arriving in early 2020 and “starting over with my love for design and cooking and helping people.”

Though LB Life Designs is aimed at baby boomers, Blanche said “it’s not just the older people that I’m helping.” She said she provides food for a family with two working parents, a toddler and a 75-year-old mother.

“Because of my restaurant experience,” she said, “I make a couple of meals for them a week so they can spend time being silly with their daughter.”

Blanche said she hopes her company will continue to “help more people so that they can choose their path for their future, as opposed to waking up one day and realize they’re in a situation.”

Blanche said pricing for services varies “for each need” and that she will waive her initial consultation fee for people who mention this article.

For more information, visit or call (858) 266-0011.

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