Raymundo’s Taco Shop: Homemade Mexican fast food comes to The Village

Raymundo's Taco Shop at 7918 Ivanhoe Ave. in La Jolla is offering homemade Mexican food.
Raymundo’s Taco Shop at 7918 Ivanhoe Ave. in La Jolla is offering homemade Mexican food.

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Raymundo’s Taco Shop, a new option for Mexican food in La Jolla, is offering customers a homemade take on fast food.

“We make everything here except for the tortillas,” co-owner Leticia Garcia said.

Her husband, Raymundo Garcia, is the other owner of Raymundo’s and also its cook, serving up taco shop favorites from burritos and enchiladas to soft or crispy tacos. Chile rellenos and tostadas also are on the menu, as well as breakfast items served all day, including the California breakfast burrito, which contains eggs, carne asada, bacon and fries — “one of the most popular ones,” Leticia said.

New to the menu are shrimp soup and pozole, a traditional Mexican soup made with hominy, meat and spices. Leticia said the shop is “trying out [the soups] to see how people respond to it. If they like it, we’ll keep them.”

Raymundo and Leticia Garcia, pictured with their children
Raymundo and Leticia Garcia, pictured with their children, based their food on family recipes and Raymundo’s 25 years in the taco shop business.

Raymundo’s, which opened in November at 7918 Ivanhoe Ave. in The Village, is the Garcias’ first restaurant but not its namesake’s first run at food service: Raymundo Garcia drew on his experience in the industry to establish the shop.

“He’s been doing this for over 25 years” at various taco shops throughout San Diego, Leticia said.

She said Raymundo’s recipes are a blend of “everything he learned over the years” and “our home family recipes,” such as the chile verde fries, which combine tomatillo, onions, garlic and “special spices.”

“We make [the food] how we make it at home,” Leticia said.

Raymundo “has always been picky with the way he makes his food,” she said. “He always says, ‘I make the food as if I’m going to eat it, as if I’m preparing it for myself.’ He tends to make the food as perfect as he can.”

Raymundo’s Taco Shop is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays and is busiest during lunch, Leticia said.

Currently, the shop is open only for takeout orders due to regional coronavirus restrictions, though it has tables inside and out.

Opening a taco shop during a pandemic was “a little bit hard,” Leticia said. “We wanted to open back in August, but it got delayed because of all the permits and all the restrictions.”

The shop was open for in-person dining for only a few weeks before a state order prohibited Southern California restaurants from serving onsite, but that didn’t stop the Garcias from building a following.

“At the beginning, a lot of people came in and welcomed us,” Leticia said. “They told us they were really happy a taco shop was here. Little by little, we have our regulars, people who now come every day.”

The couple, who live in Chula Vista, chose La Jolla not only for the “pretty area” but also for the niche they felt they could fill, Leticia said. “We saw there’s not many taco shops around” The Village, she said. “It caught our eye that there wasn’t that much fast food around here.”

The La Jolla community has been very welcoming, she said. “Everyone came in just to wish us good luck. The other day, my husband and I were saying that we have never gotten so many blessings from people that we don’t even know. They come in and tell us really good things, like ‘We wish you the best, we wish you’ll stay here for a long time.’”

Leticia said she hopes that “someday we can turn this into a chain.”

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