La Jolla chiropractor is now offering marriage coaching

Chiropractor and marriage coach Nevin Ramona
“I heard everything that was happening behind closed doors, and things were changing for people now that they are stuck together all the time. ... I wanted to help and offer sound advice in that area,” says chiropractor and marriage coach Nevin Ramona.

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La Jolla chiropractor Nevin Ramona has seen what stress can do to her clients. “I could feel it physically in their bodies as I would adjust them,” she said.

She would hear stories of relationship challenges stemming from spouses being together 24/7 amid stay-at-home restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I heard everything that was happening behind closed doors, and things were changing for people now that they are stuck together all the time instead of going to work during the day and having that time apart. I wanted to help and offer sound advice in that area,” said Ramona, who goes by “Dr. Nevin.”

So the timing seemed perfect for her to get certified in marriage coaching. Ramona has been in the personal and relational development world for 10 years and holds a psychology degree with a focus on counseling. She is now professionally certified as a marriage coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Unlike marriage counseling, which Ramona said “goes backward in that is asks about what got you to this point,” marriage coaching is more action- and forward-oriented.

“We create action steps that moves the relationship forward,” Ramona said.

Using a platform created through therapeutic company Prepare/Enrich, the program starts with a couple answering a 220-question intake form that provides a comprehensive look at the relationship and how each partner perceives the other.

“It gives us a rich place to start so we know what is going on in the relationship,” Ramona said. “Then the next 12 weeks, I walk them through the program. This is all done online and on their schedule. They get a workbook as well so they can work on it in their way.”

Ramona is occasionally joined by her husband, Patrick Hussion. She said having both the male and female perspectives has been valuable to her clients.

Ramona and Hussion are accepting new clients for a complimentary “Couples Breakthrough Session” through February.

“It’s a one-hour video call with Patrick and I where we walk the couple through our five-step process to help gain clarity and teamwork in their relationship,” Ramona said.

She started offering her coaching services last month and said the response has been “incredible” thus far.

“This is my wheelhouse,” she said. “With my chiropractic practice, I know what stress they have in their body, and to be able to tackle it from both sides has been awesome. I know the issues they have because it’s what they talk about, so to be able to outline action steps to move them forward and help resolve those issues has been great.”

Coaching clients do not need to be chiropractic clients to participate, and vice versa, Ramona said.

“We teach couples how to go from feeling distant and disconnected to having a deeper, fulfilling and intimate connection,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how long two people have been together, the principles of communication, conflict resolution and connection are the same through time.

“If you are sick, you know it because you don’t feel good. But unless you know what it is, you don’t know how to treat it. The same thing applies to relationships. You can know something is wrong because you don’t feel good, and this gives us a way to diagnose what’s going on and move forward.”

Ramona said that when COVID-19-related restrictions on travel and social gatherings are lifted, she and Hussion would like to hold couples’ retreats.

Ramona also hosts a Natural Moms Tribe for La Jolla mothers that meets once a month at Cuvier Park. For information, text (619) 895-1880.

To learn more about Ramona’s services or to schedule an appointment, call (619) 895-1880 or email Her website,, is being updated to reflect the new services. Her offices are at 7734 Herschel Ave.

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