Meet La Jolla Dental Boutique co-owners: Drs. Erez and Irene Nosrati

Dr. Irene Nosrati demonstrates La Jolla Dental Boutique’s new CT machine on her husband, Dr. Erez Nosrati.
(Photo by La Jolla Light Staff)


It’s not often that married couples choose to work together in the time they spend not living together. But the lines between personal and professional were blurry for La Jolla Dental Boutique co-owners/Drs. Erez and Irene Nosrati since the day they met at a Starbucks at Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2008. Dr. Irene was completing her dental degree and Dr. Erez was a resident in periodontics and oral implantology.

“We share a passion for what we do, and we love doing it together,” Dr. Irene said while she and Dr. Erez spoke to the Light between patients in their business office. “We have worked together from dental school, and through our offices in Chicago, and couldn’t think of anything better than to combine our forces of general dentistry and surgery into one place that would offer the convenience and the best of both worlds to our patients.”

While many dental practices tell you they cater to families, the Nosratis are one. The couple and their three- and six-year-old children moved to La Jolla from Chicago two years ago, to take over the practice of Dr. Jacob Russell at 525 Nautilus St.

“When somebody walks in, there’s no formal sign-in clipboard and cold greetings,” Dr. Irene said. “Everyone knows who you are. There’s always time to chat and catch up between visits.”

The trend in dentistry, Irene noted, is increased corporatization, which she said makes for very busy offices and little human interaction, while La Jolla Dental Boutique “is going in the other direction” — back in time to when Dr. Raymond Grass opened this practice in 1964.

“We want patients to feel like they’ve stepped into a friendly, relaxed, supportive environment where they are heard and respected,” Dr. Irene said. “We reserve time for only one patient at a time and focus on that patient without running from chair to chair.”

“However, we are leaping into the future with the procedures and technology we are offering, making all the newest and most advanced techniques available to our patients right here in La Jolla,” Dr. Erez added, mentioning their new CT machine, which provides 3-D images of the jaw. (They also use a digital scanner, which creates 3-D images of their patients’ teeth in lieu of having to take impressions. The two scans can be combined for techniques such as guided dental implant placement.)

Dr. Irene practices a full scope of general dentistry, including fillings, tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, Invisalign, root canals, partials and dentures, laser therapy and more.

A fifth-generation dentist, she said she fell in love with the profession when she started volunteering at a free dental clinic while attending college. The hands-on combination of art and science and ability to create beautiful smiles drew her to the profession instantly.

Dr. Erez — a board-certified periodontist and dental-implant specialist — offers such services as implants, gum surgeries, biopsies, IV sedation and the cutting-edge pinhole gum rejuvenation technique to cover dental recession.

“We enjoy working together from start to finish on complex cases, having each other’s cooperation, expertise and the experience of many years of working together gives our patients the advantage and convenience of high-level coordinated care all in one place,” he said.

How do Mr. and Mrs. Nosrati maintain a home-work balance being around each other 24/7? “Usually, the kids don’t let us talk to each other at home, as they want all the attention,” Dr. Erez said jokingly. “So really, our only chance to catch up is in the office.”

La Jolla Dental Boutique is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday at 525 Nautilus St., La Jolla. It’s closed on Friday and weekends. There is ample free parking and wheelchair accessibility. (858) 459-4113.

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