Remodel or Build? How to make the right decision for your lifestyle: Expert advice from Luxury Home Builders, a division of Jackson Design and Remodeling



The decision to remodel your home or build a new one is exciting and also requires a significant investment of time and resources. Changes in your current lifestyle or investing in the future are often what galvanize plans for your living space today. What is the best approach for your specific needs and desires? When you’re contemplating which choice is right for you — remodel, rebuild, or a new custom home — consider the following guidance from the experts at Luxury Home Builders, a division of Jackson Design and Remodeling:

1) Remodel: When you appreciate your home and many of its elements but want to make substantial changes to accommodate a growing family, adapt to the “empty-nest” phase, finally create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, or visually embrace beautiful natural surroundings, remodeling is often the best choice. Design-build remodeling can completely transform your home inside and out while maintaining the original footprint, or you may decide to expand your footprint with an addition or outdoor living space. Working with professional designers and architects, you’ll see how thoughtful remodeling can dramatically enhance your lifestyle in your current home.

2) Rebuild: In a classic rebuild, your existing home is stripped down to the studs and essentially “rebuilt,” maintaining just the frame while building out or expanding the existing floor plan. If you love where you live but own a home facing critical issues with electricity, plumbing, or structural integrity, a rebuild is usually the best option.

3) Custom Build: When you own property with a home that simply can’t accommodate your changing lifestyle or aspirations, building a new home makes sense and presents exciting possibilities. Along with creative vision and architectural expertise, the process of planning a new home build requires meticulous attention to detail and experience in every aspect of design, remodeling, and construction. You’ll want to work with experts who can guide you through the review of consequential factors that may impact construction before you break ground. During a long term project like a new home build, you’ll need a team you can rely on through each phase — from the preliminary steps of evaluating your property, to pre-construction, construction and post-construction — with proven systems and processes.

“The partner you select to guide you through your options and the path you choose is essential,” says Todd Jackson, CEO of Jackson Design and Remodeling. “It’s important to work with professionals who have the experience to ask the right questions and give you an honest assessment of your best options at the beginning of the decision making process and throughout the entire experience of either remodeling, rebuilding, or building a new home. Clients of Jackson Design and Remodeling and our Luxury Home Builders division appreciate our design build approach. Our team of architects, designers, and craftsmen are able to collaborate and draw on their collective experience, which really simplifies the complexities of a major project.”

Jackson Design and Remodeling’s Luxury Home Builders division focuses on the design and build of new custom homes.

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