Jackson Design & Remodeling cites 12 trends for 2019; free seminar to be held Saturday, Jan. 19


The team of architects and designers at Jackson Design & Remodeling (JDR) — which have been featured in print and online publications including Dwell, HGTV and Architectural Digest — released their list of the Top 12 Interior Design Trends for 2019.

They foresee two distinct approaches for home design — one centered on the comfort and warmth of simplicity connected to the natural world and one boldly expressing a dramatic and glamorous point of view.

Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, which experts say was strongly influenced by the environment and the shelter coral reefs provide for a kaleidoscope of undersea life, reflects the current influence of the natural world on interior design trends. Vibrant, yet mellow, the color is a comforting response to today's "onslaught of digital technology and social media."

"In 2018, home design was focused on deep, intense colors, complex textures, darker woods and vintage metals," said Tatiana Machado-Rosas, JDR senior interior designer. "In 2019, we'll see a transition toward softer textures and colors connected to nature."

1) Art Deco Focus: While Mid-Century Modern has been the darling of the design industry for some time now, Art Deco is coming into the limelight with its glamorous echoes of the Gilded Age. Art Deco's unabashed opulence is distinctly "Instagram-worthy" from its bold jewel tones to geometric patterns and mixed metal detailing.

2) Terrazzo is back: Versatile terrazzo is amid another resurgence in popularity, infusing character into home elements from backsplashes to flooring.

3) Moody Kitchens: As an alternative to the classic white kitchen, deep navy, green and black cabinetry is setting the mood for darker kitchens in 2019.

4) Bright, Bold Kitchen Islands: Bright blue and orange kitchen islands are making a colorful proclamation, especially in simple, modern kitchen designs.

5) Danish "Hygge": The concept means creating a warm and cozy atmosphere at home, especially to share with others. Interior design with hygge as its guide declutters spaces and fills them with simple, high quality, curated cozy elements while creating a clear connection to the outdoors.

6) Dramatic Black: Black, like white, never really goes "out of style" but this year JDR is predicting more imaginative and daring uses of the color.

7) In Touch with Nature: Escaping a high tech world and connecting to Mother Nature at home is exemplified in several 2019 color forecasts. Greens, particularly sage and forest greens, along with colors evocative of clay and terracotta will be particularly prominent. Blues that echo sky and ocean are also on the color horizon.

8) Soft, Natural Textures: Comfort as a trend shows up again in the popularity of soft materials and textures including suede, leather, and velvet. Natural elements handmade from wood and stone are on the rise.

9) Artisanal and Organic Designs: This "back to basics" approach marries comfort and style with clean neutrals and spaces designed for serenity and human interaction. Artisanal details with master craftsmanship and organic materials are key to this design style.

10) Mixed Metals: The glimmer and shimmer of metallic accents is welcome in every room of the home in 2019 and mixing it up is the most stylish way to glow. Pair chrome and brass or copper with yellow gold for unexpected sophistication.

11) Statement Ceilings: Whether it's a pale blue ceiling bringing fresh vitality to a room with all white walls, or bold wood beams contributing architectural definition to a space, ceiling design is challenging its traditional "afterthought" status in exciting ways this year.

12) Furniture with a Curve: Classic pieces like the sofa are being reimagined with more fluid forms.

• To see example trends, visit pinterest.com/jdrsandiego. To learn more about remodeling or building a new home, attend JDR's free seminar 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019 at Jackson Design & Remodeling, 4797 Mercury St., Kearny Mesa area of San Diego. (858) 345-4424. RSVP required at jacksondesignandremodeling.com

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