At Warwick’s, fine stationery makes every occasion special: Popular La Jolla store carries books, stationery, gifts, office supplies and more



“There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.” — Charles Dickens

There are times when an e-mail just doesn’t have quite the effect as the printed word. Imagine if the Declaration of Independence had been delivered via e-mail. It would have gone into King George’s spam filter and he would have been left wondering why he hadn’t heard from those rowdy colonists in a while.

No, to make a statement, one must put ink to paper.

Warwick’s has been La Jolla’s premier location for fine stationery for generations. After all, it’s in their masthead (books, stationery, gifts and office supply). While e-mails are often ignored, a printed House Warming Announcement, Baby Shower Invitation or Save the Date will command attention when presented on the finest paper. Spruce up your personal and business correspondence with customized cards, thank-you notes and letter sheets.

“When narratives fracture, when words fail, I take consolation from the part of my life that always works: the stationery order.” — Hilary Mantel

You do not have to face the myriad of stationery choices alone. Warwick’s stationery expert, Jolene Whitecavage, has been assisting clients for almost 15 years. During that time, she has helped families as their lives progressed from graduation announcements to wedding invitations and finally baby shower notices.

“There’s a special connection that can result from assisting a client in designing the perfect announcement for a momentous occasion, and I have many clients who stop by to share photos with me of the event itself. There’s a personal meaning and satisfaction in memorializing a life event on custom stationery, and it’s something that gets saved and treasured,” Jolene says.

“Genius can write on the back of old envelopes but mere talent requires the finest stationery available.” — Dorothy Parker

Quality is the hallmark of personalized stationery products at Warwick’s. They have represented the Crane Stationery line for decades. Established in 1801 and one of the oldest brands in the United States, Crane includes premium brands regarded as the reference point for fine stationery. Even the U.S. Treasury Department has contracted with them to provide the special paper that is used in our currency. With Crane & Co 100-percent recovered cotton fiber paper, their master engravers have honed their craft to perfection over decades of experience, building on the company’s centuries of history and knowledge to deliver quality craftsmanship, impeccable levels of service and stunning results that are, quite simply, on a level all of their own.

“Being an employee owned company, we understand the importance that comes from partnering with independent dealers,” said Sharon Miller of Crane Stationery.

During August and September, Warwick’s conducts its annual 20-percent-off Holiday Greeting Card sale that allows customers to send out personalized greetings. As with most special orders, order early to allow plenty of time for the preparation. The cost for personalized stationery depends on the process (thermography or engraved), paper weight and quantity. Your choices are only limited by your imagination. Even your business needs are solved with Warwick’s offering of high quality business cards and letterhead.

“If I were a criminal, stationery stores and bakeries would be the two kinds of places I would concentrate on.” — John Turturro , Italian-American actor, writer, filmmaker

Being Warwick’s, you know it’s going to have suggestions about books involving writing. Top on the list is “Letters of Note: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience.” This fascinating collection from Chronicle Books presents letters from such diverse people as Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley, Emily Dickinson, Zelda Fitzgerald, Iggy Pop, Ernest Hemingway and Fidel Castro. For budding writers, check out “Letters to a Young Writer” by Colum McCann or “I Promise to be Good (The Letters of Arthur Rimbaud).” Even some of the best known novels such as “Dracula,” “The Color Purple” and “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” are basically a series of letters. There’s so much to choose from to inspire your own correspondence.

Now is the time for you to get back in touch with the art of the printed page. Select your favorite stationery, charge up the cartridge on your fountain pen, and show your friends and family that you care enough to slow down and choose your special thoughts to them. Let Jolene assist you with those important invitations and announcements that will become treasured keepsakes. You can reach out to Warwick’s for your stationery needs by contacting Jolene at or calling the store at (858) 454-0347.

Warwick’s is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday at 7812 Girard Ave., La Jolla. (858) 454-0347.

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