Style meets dentistry at the La Jolla Dentist offices of Tracy and John Taddey



Dental offices typically have a standard operating procedure and aesthetic including a simple waiting room, reception desk and examination rooms. When third-generation dentist Tracy Taddey set forth to redesign the office she shares with her father, John Taddey, the family business took on a fresh approach embracing one of La Jolla’s greatest assets — our ocean views.

Taddey captured what she loves best about growing up in La Jolla — the community, walkability of the Village and stunning views of the ocean — to find their office location at 875 Prospect St. on the top (third) floor. Designed personally by her and her family, the office transforms the typical dentist appointment into a relaxing spa-inspired experience with a crystal chandelier at greeting you at entrance, fresh orchids, modern art and sophisticated color scheme. With an editorial eye on the beauty industry from her early days working at Elle Magazine in New York City, Tracy Taddey has a special appeal for patients in cosmetic dentistry and it shows in the way she makes going to the dentist actually enjoyable for her patients.

“We wanted to create a dental office with a calming, welcoming feel,” shares Taddey. “Nearly every time a patient sits in one of our chairs, they comment on how much they love the ocean views of the waves crashing in. It means a lot to us to make their visit with us comfortable and special.”

There’s a special nod to the family’s legacy in dentistry where three diplomas from New York University (NYU) shine proudly as Tracy, her father and grandfather all attended the University.

The results? A stylish office space that feels like you’ve walked into a spa, bringing lots of reasons to smile. Follow the Taddeyteam on Instagram, @taddeylajolla to learn about special offers like their $20 donation to St. Germaine Children’s Charity with every in-office whitening (now $100, and normally $150).

Tracy Taddey, D.D.S. and John Taddey, D.D.S., 875 Prospect St., Suite 301. (858) 454-9333.

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