‘Smile in a Day’ service special to La Jolla Dental



Anxiety about a trip to the dentist may well be nonexistent at La Jolla Dental Office, where a pervasive family atmosphere not only builds trust, but friendships, too.

“The office has a special feel to it,” said Dr. Dan Gibson, who along with Dr. Jenny Rens and a dedicated staff, cares for patients, some of whom have been coming to the Girard Avenue location since it opened 40 years ago. “You really get to know your patients and what’s going on in their lives.” Gibson, who’s been in San Diego since 2011 after relocating from New England, says catching up with return patients feels like just part of the appointment. “It’s kind of hard to get the dentistry done sometimes,” he joked.

That may explain why, in Gibson’s estimation, 90 percent of La Jolla Dental Office’s patients come from referrals. But they also come from far afield, from locales as distant as the Bay Area, Mexico and even Europe. “We have dozens,” he said, “who fly in just to see us. They decided that it’s worth flying in or flying down.”

There are plenty of reasons why. For one, Gibson and Rens’ practice includes techniques of high-tech dentistry, offering technology such as digital radiography that uses less radiation than film X-rays, and a digital camera and computer, called a CEREC Blue Cam, to mill crowns, bridges and the like, making restorations quick and easy. This technology is also the key to Dr. Rens’ popular “Smile in a Day” service to create an ideal customized smile.

“We like to pride ourselves on being modern,” said Gibson. “But we make sure the new technology is proven, that it’s better for the patient and long lasting” before it’s introduced as options for them. “Most people tend to be pretty interested” in the technological advances in treatment, he says, which is usually within their scope of insurance coverage.

Integrating new technology means keeping up with it, and Gibson says he and Rens are both committed to “continuing education” in their field. “We love doing dentistry,” he said, “and it’s worth the time to learn more about it.”

As for the working relationship with Rens and its benefit for all their patients, Gibson says the two of them are “always consulting” and that those who come to La Jolla Dental Office for treatment “get both of our brains working on whatever needs they may have.”

Both Gibson and Rens are familiar presences in the community. Gibson is a Voluntary Clinical Instructor at UC San Diego and has done volunteer dentistry in the UCSD Free Clinics. Rens, a La Jolla native, is active in the San Diego County Dental Society, among other organizations, and she’s also a devoted surfer.

La Jolla Dental Office is at 7334 Girard Ave., Suite 104 in La Jolla. (858) 459-3381.

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