Morena Storage: Transitions drive our business with locations in San Diego County


Morena Storage’s Ellen Wayne is talking about life when she says that “Transitions drive our business.”

“When people are changing jobs or when they’re in a move, sometimes transitions can be for a good reason. Sometimes they can be a tougher transition. Our main goal with everyone who enters our doors is to make their day better. Whether theirs is a ‘good” move or a harder move, it’s stressful.”

Of course some customers use storage space for … well, storage, but life situations factor in here, too.

“We have some customers who like to use storage as an extension of their home,” explained Wayne, who is marketing director for 5 Star Storage, which owns and operates both Morena Storage in San Diego’s Morena District and Solana Beach Storage in North County. “They want to clean up and get organized, and they use us as an extra closet. So we’re sort of a permanent fixture or an extension of their home or business.”

Wayne says customers aren’t necessarily storing miscellaneous items for which they simply do not have room. On the contrary, some have sentimental value. “It makes people happy to hold on to their treasures,” she said, “things they just don’t have room for.”

And a storage unit makes sense.

“If you wanted to keep these things, you’d spend more on your office lease or your home or rent to have enough space to store everything. Storage is a much cheaper solution,” Wayne said.

There are, of course, a lot of storage companies in San Diego County, but Wayne touts Morena Storage’s “extra services” for making it special. “The biggest service we provide,” she said, “is we will make it very easy to move in: a free truck and one of our staff members will go with you in the truck to load up your items at your home and bring them back here. You won’t find anyone else out there who will do that. That takes so much of the weight of the move off our customers. They can rest assured about all of our staff — they’re good strong guys.”

Between Solana Beach Storage and Morena Storage, Morena is “the new one,” Wayne jokes. It’s “only” been around since 1989. (Solana Beach Storage opened in 1973.) You’ll find 1,700 storage units on the Morena District premises and 10 employees. Besides the storage spaces, you can rent trucks and U-hauls and you can purchase boxes and related packing supplies.

“The thing is with storage,” Wayne said, “it’s a very good business in all different kinds of economies. It’s recession-proof. We have every kind of customer here, too: young, old, people with lots of money, people who don’t have much money.”

“People,” she reminded again, “in all kinds of life transitions.”

Morena Storage hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, at 908 Sherman St., San Diego. (619) 207-4141.

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