True Life Center for Wellbeing provides holistic care in La Jolla and San Diego


The True Life Center for Wellbeing describes its approach to treatment in three words: customized, holistic and collaborative. That approach, and the understanding of the complex and critical relationship between mind and body, are at the heart of the three-year-old center’s healthcare philosophy.

“I think the name says it all,” said True Life founder and executive medical director Dr. Krysta Roybal. “My vision is that when people come for treatment and healing and recovery they find their authentic self and they can continue to live their lives in their truth and their authenticity.”

Roybal, the former co-medical director of the Scripps Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program, said, “Around 60 percent (of the True Life outpatients) have mental health challenges without any addiction, chemical or behavioral,” while the remaining 40 percent have addiction issues complicated by depression or by emotional or physical trauma. Whatever the case, each person receives customized care.

“I don’t know of another place in outpatient treatment where a single person can come in and have eight different providers who all know that person in a unique way and who get together and discuss their care and collaborate in detail,” said Roybal. “I get to be the quarterback in overseeing that each individual is getting all the different elements that he or she needs to heal.”

In every case, the treatment is holistic in nature. “Holistic means that we look at the whole person,” said Roybal. “Mind, body and spirit, as well as their circumstances and their environment. We holistically treat the root cause of suffering.” She added: “Another thing that distinguishes us is our warmth and our humanistic approach to suffering. We don’t pathologize people. People are not problems at True Life. They are whole individuals and whole people who we see have a wound or have suffering.

“When people feel depression or they feel panic or anxiety or a craving for a substance, it is physical in addition to psychological. We address that in a completely holistic and comprehensive way.”

The center’s staff of 20 includes professionals in a wide variety of treatment areas, from addiction medicine to psychology, from massage and acupuncture to meditation and mindfulness.

Roybal’s specialty area is addiction medicine, and the center she founded is helping her realize her passion to help people. “I never thought as a doctor that I would have the honor and joy of getting people off medications as a treatment,” she said.

“That’s my expertise: helping people taper and detox off of benzodiazepines, opiates — all the medications that were supposed to alleviate pain and suffering.”

The True Life Center for Wellbeing aims to share its knowledge with the community. Having recently doubled in size, the center now includes a large conference room where, Roybal said, “we’re going to provide continuing education units for therapists and other clinicians in the community. We see ourselves as thought leaders and as providing the community with cutting-edge science and holistic care.”

True Life Center for Wellbeing, 4520 Executive Drive, Suite 225, San Diego. (858) 202-1822.

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