Allied Energy provides innovative ways to save money, electricity



Allied Energy aims to help consumers save money in the long-run by providing solar-charged batteries. The 12-year-old, Carlsbad-based business has both solar and electrical contracting licenses but specializes in solar + battery storage, said JP Engh, vice-president of marketing.

He said the company has installed more solar + storage systems than any other business in San Diego.

He added the zero-down financing system takes homes “off the grid” for a monthly payment that ends up being lower than their electric bills. A home with a $200-per-month electric bill prior to solar + storage, for example, could have a $10-per-month electric bill and a $160-per-month loan payment after installation, Engh said.

He said the use of batteries is important particularly in San Diego because more than 100,000 homes in San Diego Gas & Electric territory have solar — the most of any utility in the United States — but only a few of those systems countywide also have batteries.

The batteries charge through the solar panels during the day, Engh explained. The homes then run off the batteries when the sun goes down, allowing for “essentially off-grid operation.”

“SDG&E time-of-use rates coming in December 2017 will make battery storage a must-have in order to continue maximizing savings on your electric bill,” Engh said. “Your home will run off the battery during the peak hours of 3-9 p.m. instead of buying peak-priced electricity from the grid during that time.”

He added that batteries also provide protection against power outages, and only homes with batteries will remain powered during an outage. “This is especially important to homeowners who want to keep the lights on if there is a fire, earthquake or other natural disaster in the region,” he said.

For more information and a cost estimate, visit or call (858) 361-7257. Allied Eneregy is at 2105 Camino Vida Roble in Carlsbad.

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