New La Jolla Village merchants map leaves out parts of Pearl Street and La Jolla Boulevard

A La Jolla Village Merchants Association map shows local attractions, parking lots and "shopping and dining district."
A La Jolla Village Merchants Association map and directory of local attractions, parking lots and a ‘shopping and dining district’ that excludes parts of Pearl Street and La Jolla Boulevard.
(La Jolla Village Merchants Association)

Some business owners aren’t happy about being excluded. The merchants association says the goal is to direct visitors to parking and the area shopping district rather than be comprehensive.


A new map created by the La Jolla Village Merchants Association has led to criticism from owners of some local businesses that were left off.

The map, copies of which are being placed throughout The Village on A-frame sign holders, can be downloaded at The map includes a directory showing area attractions and parking but leaves out merchant-heavy portions of western Pearl Street and northern La Jolla Boulevard.

“With the help of La Jolla’s community groups, including the Sierra Club Seal Society, La Jolla Village has a brand-new, colorful map featuring its most popular attractions, from cultural and performing arts venues to trailheads and parks,” according to LJVMA’s blog. “Of course, the map includes the best places to catch a look at seals and sea lions, along with restrooms and lifeguard towers. Visitors will be able to use the map to navigate to the most concentrated areas for shopping and dining as well.”

The map uses a blue-and-orange dashed line to mark the “shopping and dining” areas of The Village, predominantly between Prospect Street in the north and Kline Street in the south and between Fay Avenue in the west and Ivanhoe Avenue in the east.

It includes the portion of Pearl Street east of Fay Avenue but leaves out the five westernmost blocks of Pearl and does not include the northernmost part of La Jolla Boulevard. At least 15 restaurants in those areas aren’t included in the shopping and dining district.

Smallgoods Cheese Shop & Cafe at 7524 La Jolla Blvd. across from The Bishop’s School is one of the businesses that was not included on the map. Owner Mike Eastwood said “inclusion in any La Jolla-based signage is only going to benefit the entire community. If the merchants association is working with us, it would be great to include the entire body.”

Eastwood told LJVMA via social media when the map was posted that “a tiny shift south on this map” would feature the entire business district and asked “Why have we been excluded?” His question was not immediately answered.

LJVMA Executive Director Jodi Rudick told the La Jolla Light that the goal in creating the map was not to make a detailed list of all Village businesses but to direct guests to available parking and let beach-goers know there is a shopping district further inland.

“There is a concern that there is no parking in La Jolla, so the intention of the map is to help people navigate to parking,” Rudick said. “The other key objective is to help the people that come to the shore to see the seals and sea lions get to the shopping area. Trying to create a map of every shop and restaurant is not the goal. Trying to change the behavior of people coming to the coast but not The Village itself is.”

Still, Stephanie Montion Marquez of The Boulevard hair salon at 7527 La Jolla Blvd. told the Light: “We are all on the same side, working together as a community. To have been included would have meant a lot because it would have made us proud and reminded people we are here. It takes a lot to run a business in La Jolla, especially after COVID, so to be included with all the great businesses we have here would mean a lot.”

Rudick said future versions of the signs can be adjusted to include more of Pearl Street and La Jolla Boulevard. “Input is always welcome,” she said. ◆