‘Fresh Paint’: See California from new perspectives in latest La Jolla Library exhibit


To keep their contributions to the seventh annual “Fresh Paint” exhibit at La Jolla Library, well, fresh, artists like Toni Williams try to change their perspective and paint from a new point of view. The show opens with a reception, 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22 at 7555 Draper Ave., and remains on view until Jan. 11, 2020 during regular library hours.

Included are works by Brian Blood, Tom Balderas, Rick Delanty, Debra Joy Groesser, Laura Kersey, Greg LaRock, Margaret Larlham, Michael Obermeyer, Ned Mueller, Bryan Mark Taylor, Pauline Roche, Jeff Sewell, Toni Williams and Jeff Yeomans.

All the art is for sale with a portion of the proceeds benefiting library programs.

“The ‘Fresh Paint’ exhibit is the flagship show for the library’s cultural arm,” said organizer and artist Patricia Jasper Clark. “Every year, we try to show it with a California landscape/seascape focus to highlight the natural beauty of this state. The show is heavy on plein-air painting and most of the artists are from the San Diego region.”

Artist Williams has been a participant in the show from the beginning, and manages to change up her works by embracing the diversity of southern California. “I do repeated themes and places, but no two paintings are ever the same,” she told the Light. “I never travel too far from La Jolla, and because the weather changes so much along the coast, on any given day the same location might be sunny or overcast, which completely changes the mood.”

A favorite location for Williams is a eucalyptus grove on the UC San Diego campus that overlooks Scripps Pier. “Depending on the weather, the wind may hit the trees differently or the way the light hits the water might be different,” she said. “Plus, at that location, if you rotate a little bit, the view completely changes. In one spot, you can see the beach, or the trees, or the campus, just by turning a little bit.”

Of her pieces for this year’s show, Williams said she returned to her favorite locale and painted trees with a beach scene behind them; and another of the beach near Windansea; and others to be determined.

Yeomans, another longtime contributor, said he strives to produce new works that “draw people in from across the room” and produce something familiar, but in a new way.

“I don’t want to get pigeon-holed into one type of work,” he said. “Landscapes came easily for me, so (to challenge myself) I switched to people in their natural environment — chefs in kitchens, the beach culture and people who hang out or unload surf boards, etc. I feel like the beach culture is part of the way I live, and the way I raised my kids, and a part of the lifestyle of the people who choose to live here. But these works have to be done from a perspective that is new to people, but still be something they recognize.”

The Fresh Paint exhibits were started so the La Jolla Library Art Committee could showcase both the local art talent and the library’s gallery-grade community room.

“We always try to generate shows of high-quality and public interest for library patrons,” Jasper Clark explained. “Plus, we have this beautiful community room that lends itself to art. We installed new lighting and gallery panels that allow us to change the exhibits without damaging the walls. We’ve had at least 30 shows in that room since!”

From the beginning, she added: “This show has always aimed high and we have featured nationally recognized artists. This year is no exception. These artists are at the top of their game and leaders in their field. The exhibit should prove a visual pleasure for the La Jolla community to enjoy. It’s a fine example of California landscape plein-air painting.”

IF YOU GO: The public is invited to the free, “Fresh Paint” opening reception, 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22 at La Jolla Riford Library, 7555 Draper Ave. The show will remain on display through Jan. 11, 2020. (858) 552-1657.