‘HALO’ to a new art piece at Scripps Memorial Hospital’s Wolfstein Sculpture Park in La Jolla


A new kinetic sculpture, titled “HALO,” has been installed at the Wolfstein Sculpture Park, a collection of more than 30 pieces sprinkled across the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. Standing just under 20 feet, it’s the tallest piece in the collection. Its geometric stainless titanium support structure holds up three rings that independently turn with the breeze. Stained glass lining the inside of each ring projects a rainbow of shimmering colors onto the ground or a colorful filter for those looking up from below.

The artists who created the piece — Jeffery Laudenslager and Deanne Sabeck — spent nine months designing it with the goal to create a piece of art that generated a sense of space and serenity. They describe the movements of the rings as deliberately gentle, like tai-chi. After creating the park in 1998 to mark their 50th wedding anniversary, local philanthropists Ralyn and Nathan Wolfstein have continued to donate sculptures to the campus on a yearly basis.

To join a free, docent-led tour of Wolfstein Sculpture Park, which are held monthly, call (858) 626-6994.