Three artists show new work at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla


February 2018 brings in the colorful works of three area artists to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters as Hilary Brady, Mary Behnam and Gil Dominguez share their love of color in their latest works on the café walls at 5627 La Jolla Blvd.

• Mary Behnam said her love for art started when she was a girl in Tehran, Iran. At age 11, her family left their country during the tumultuous Iranian Revolution. She continued to pursue art in the United States, receiving a bachelor’s degree in art from San Diego State University.

“When I begin a piece, often times I have no idea where it will end up,” Behnam said. “Abstract work is freeing and meditative for me; it’s letting go and being intuitive. I have never wanted to be anything else but an artist ... creativity is an essential part of my being and keeps me young and playful.”

• Born in La Jolla and raised on a ranch in Yuma, Arizona, Hilary Brady said painting, color and movement lead her to places she hasn’t been before and she’s eager to go wherever they lead her. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in speech and hearing, and a minor in art history.

“My paintings are a reflection of my memories and of a time that embraces the family table and what is learned there. The discussions determined what would later be a view of the world, which let me hear all sides of a story and helped me learn to disagree without full scale war.

“My father shared stories of family life during the Great Depression, talked about his business, and shared with us when decisions he made would affect our future. He taught us the importance of communication. He was always quick to support his wife in raising their children. Both my parents modeled values of home and family that I find missing in the world today. My family is represented over and over by flowers, and by the table holding them up — the home, the beginning.”

• Gil Dominguez exudes deep emotion and feeling into his art. “My work is a form of meditation that is informed by my life and the state of the world around me,” he writes on his website, “Spontaneity plays a role and allows me to momentarily get lost in the process of tapping into a deeper source of inspiration. I strive to get lost in the experience of creation and draw from a metaphysical interpretation of life that delves into the subconscious world of images that trigger spiritual, psychological and societal landmarks.”