Art Me San Diego: A place for creativity in La Jolla


Nestled on the bottom floor of a quaint blue house with white trim just on the rim of tourist activity at 862 Prospect St., Suite A, is a creative space that attracts adults and children alike. Art Me San Diego opened its doors in mid-June and classes have been pretty much sold-out every week since. Owner Sarah Jacob said she’s thrilled with the welcoming response.

“We have a lot of the same students who stop by every week, which makes my job super busy because I have to come up with new projects all the time!” she said with a wide grin.

Jacob said she’s had the vision for creating an art studio since she was an art major in college, and then through all her years as a real estate agent. As an art student, she trained in every medium, and wanted to continue her passion for all types of art by starting her own business. For her, it’s all about following her dream. And her dream starts with kids, but it doesn’t end there.

“Kids are amazing!” she exclaimed. “They look at things and they’re not tainted nor jaded by what something’s supposed to be like or how it’s supposed to look. They can paint a flying hippopotamus if they want, and I love that. I love that passion, I love that creativity, and I love that freedom. I embrace it. There’s no wrong way to art in my eyes.”

Jacob has a daughter, Kate, 12, who takes a lot of the classes alongside her mom. When the Light visited the studio, Kate was gluing sparkles to a birdhouse she made. “She’s constantly on social media,” Jacob added, “where she finds cool art projects and is always forwarding me things ... it’s kind of cool to get feedback from her, a peer of my students.”

Jacob said she still works in real estate on the side, but insists the decision to open the studio was the right move. “This has taken over my whole world, and I love it,” she said. “There’s nothing more satisfying than having people enjoy what they’re doing and reaching into their creative side. I’m inspired by seeing little kids grasp their creativity and the happiness and freedom it brings them.”

Branching out, Jacob catered to the tourist crowd by offering a Beach Souvenir Craft Workshop that included making Breach Wreaths. Saturday mornings are reserved for Slime classes. She plans to expand by inviting artists to lead specialty classes like macramé, adult painting, ceramics, or maybe a flower-crown class for kids.

Adults can sign up for Paint & Sip Nights every other Saturday, where supplies are included, music is provided, and refreshments are offered or you can bring your own wine (BYOW). Private parties are welcome, too.

“We live in an artists’ community and there are so many artists who don’t have a space to work in. I think it’s almost endless to what I can bring in and offer here,” she said.

— Find the class schedule at or call (858) 280-5999.