Dec. 16, 2019
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A window of sunshine opened on Sunday, Dec. 8 that was just wide enough for the La Jolla Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival to squeak through and escape the rain that fell all weekend.
Opinion / Guest Commentary / Our Readers Write: There will be two upcoming public meetings about commercial jet noise and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s (SDCRAA) new Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for three additional 1-million gallon fuel tanks. 1) The Airport Noise Advisory Meeting (ANAC) runs 4-6 p.m.
Many of the landmarks of La Jolla’s past hang around, masquerading as undistinguished markers of everyday life.
Global thinking will be locally acted on Sunday, Dec. 15 and Tuesday, Dec. 17, when the La Jolla Theatre Ensemble (LJTE) presents “Lighting the Way” at La Jolla Community Center (LJCC).
As happy hour gatherings, celebrations with friends, and work festivities become centered on the holidays, various lounges and restaurants are offering seasonal beverages designed to elevate holiday routines. La Jolla menus reveal some clever and creative potions for anyone seeking to add more sparkle to their sips.
November and December 2019 are packed with all sorts of traditional and modern holiday happenings and Christmas events, so take out your Day Planner and note the events of your choice in La Jolla and San Diego County.
When La Jolla native Stan Stewart celebrated his 90th birthday on Nov. 22 in La Jolla, it was a milestone.
To fill the air with the sights and sounds of the season for the 62nd year, the La Jolla Christmas Parade and Holiday Festival returns to the Village of La Jolla, starting at 1:30 p.m.
If you have driven Via Capri around 7 a.m., you may have spotted an older gentleman picking up trash in his jogging suit and wondered why.
Over the years, I’ve attended many holiday parties, and hosted even more. I’ve appreciated all festive offerings, and while I would never turn my nose up at a jar of caviar or good bottle of wine, the gifts I’ve enjoyed the most came from creative minds and loving hearts. A particularly memorable one was a forest green ceramic planter filled with fresh sprouting seasonal herbs, including rosemary, sage and thyme, potted in an edible soil of crumbled dark chocolate brownies. These whimsical treats can be tailor-made to accommodate the dietary restrictions of the host (low cholesterol, or gluten-, lactose-, tree nut-, or sugar-free), and preferences (mild, hot, smoky, crunchy, sweet, savory, or vegan). You will need some simple supplies like Mason jars, cruets, clear gift bags, decorative tins, ramekins, twine and labels. Now let’s get this craft party started!
Years ago, my aunt hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. She prepared a turkey feast from scratch and it was delicious. The next day, 18 of us had a date with the toilet bowl and were queasy for days. The only two who weren’t impacted were the vegetarians. We were all stymied and started asking questions trying to deduce the source of our illness. Remember the board game “Clue”? Well, Mrs. Peacock poisoned Mr. Boddy with a contaminated turkey leg in the dining room. Turns out that Auntie left the unwrapped, partially frozen turkey on the counter to thaw overnight, so the vegetarians were unscathed by her “fowl” deed. Here are some cautions to help keep your dinner guests healthy, happy and free from harm.
ArtPower has been spreading its creative energy across the campus of UC San Diego — and San Diego in general — for more than 16 years. The program’s mission? To present performing and media arts that engage, energize and transform the campus’ diverse cultural life. Each season offers a different experience for the students, performers and community members who witness it. But as always, students come first.
“Nails have been a path to artistic expression for thousands of years,” reads a sign at the entry to Oceanside Museum of Art’s supersized exhibition “Tiny Canvases: The Art of Nails.” Farther along, there’s a sign about the history of nail adornment, mentioning “manicure kits dating as far back as 3200 BCE in the tombs of Babylonian soldiers.” Babylonian soldiers? Who knew? Jan Arnold did. She’s the co-founder and style director of Creative Nail Design (CND), the company that co-produced this stunning display of nail art, which opened in October and continues through Feb. 9, 2020.
Best Bets for Events in La Jolla and San Diego: Nov. 14-20 include senior dance, chocolate seminar, panda talk, escape room for teens, orchids class, photo travelers club, music concerts, art-exhibit openings
With Thanksgiving approaching at gigabit speed, we’re all gearing up for the big day with a main course of stress, and side dishes of angst and doubts about menu choices, modes of preparation, presentation (and dinner guests). To help make this feast a delightfully memorable one, I’ll now take your questions and offer cooking tips.
You may think Bub’s at the Beach is just another fun restaurant/bar that serves the best jumbo wings in the neighborhood. But you’d be wrong. It’s actually Steelers Nation (as in the Pittsburgh Steelers), according to general manager Andrew Bennington. On Sundays, the restaurant is packed with Steeler fans, some who’ve been coming to Bub’s for up to 20 years, “cheering and doing their thing.”