City of San Diego

OUR READERS WRITE: Aug. 17 issue: Campaign on to promote safer driving in La Jolla

I related to the Aug. 10 La Jolla Light story about the rash of recent traffic accidents in La Jolla. Insulated, isolated and distracted drivers are a bane to our community. Unfortunately, a single front-page piece is not enough. I suggest the Light undertake a new “Quixotic” effort to improve driving habits in La Jolla.

Ask readers to submit a motto, slogan, aphorism, adage, truism that encourages safer driving. Print one every week on the front page — preferably above the fold.

Here are some examples:

“Drive aware. The life you save may be mine.”

“No matter how fast you drive, there’s a red light ahead.”

“Hands on the wheel. Eyes...